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Sunday 27 May 2012

Playground Time With Daddy!

My MIL always warn me not to bring Le Xin to  the playground. Reason being it is "dirty" and I told her Come on Mother, I only bring her during the day time. I don't think there is ghost at that time! and my MIL replied I don't know if you believe it or not but it is "dirty" be it in the morning or evening.Even though I find her very supertitious at times, I can never get angry with her over these sort of things because I know she only meant well.

The point is, I don't deny that sometimes I do find that the playground can be quite dangerous for children to play in, not in terms of the haunted aspect, but for safety reasons because the playgrounds in Singapore are not really suitable for very young children and it's often not well-maintained (Fortunately my neighbourhood playground is still quite clean ) Nonetheless, I still find that the playground is really a great place to refine Le Xin's gross motor skills and this post is all about Daddy Scott getting involved to bring Le Xin out for a play at the playground, the only ghost around was the one taking the photo! ----> MummyT2X

I always love to take back view shots of Daddy Scott and Le Xin. Look how lovely they were holding hands to go up the stairs.

As Le Xin went up the stairs steadily, she pointed up to show Daddy Scott the fake coconut tree structure and she said tree, somehow the trees are like charm and they never fail to attact her attention!

Daddy Scott is teasing me these days over with the word "interaction" because I used it sooo much on him when he is accompanying Le Xin. Here's a great example of what I meant by interaction; Daddy Scott was explaning to Le Xin about safety rules when it comes to sliding down the slide, look how Le Xin listened attentively to what Daddy was trying to tell her. Haha!

Daddy Scott holding on to Le Xin's hand as she slid down the slide. She giggled and laughed loudly as she came down. I hope the time when come soon when she can do this all by herself without our help :p

Le Xin showing Daddy Scott how she could match the animals on the playground equipment. She knows cow and rabbit but kangaroo was something new to her.

Le Xin demonstrating to Daddy how she could write using a stick. Daddy Scott's first reaction was Don't pick up the stick, it's dirty but I guess when he saw how engaged she was, he soon find that it's not a bad idea after all!

Lastly Daddy Scott brought Le Xin to the fitness area, she really enjoyed this equipment, she probably felt like she was skiing.

Ending this post with a happy video of Daddy Scott and Le Xin coming down from the slide!

Do you love bringing your child/children to the playground? How do you make use of such opportunities to interact with them?

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  1. Hi Jack son , what you said is very true! I told my daughter just now if she sleeps early and gets up early, I can bring her to the playground to play with the slides and she closed her eyes immediately :)