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Tuesday 7 May 2013

Rubber Duckie Printing

Have you ever wonder what you can do with this apart from playing it in the water during bath time?
Le Xin loves her rubber duckie, it was a Children's Day present from her teachers in MFS. Somehow she likes to call it Rubber Raky....which sounded quite amusing to me each time she goes looking for it before she baths. Mummy did you see my rubber raky? she would ask . Maybe she has difficulty pronouncing it the right way. Anway, here's a rubber duckie printing activity she did :)
 Le Xin painting the bottom of her rubber duckie with a colour of her choice....
Next she printed the rubber duckie on a paper...
As she was deciding where to print, look who's here to sniff her?
Le Xin could work on her own for this activity, after she printed the rubber duckie, she used a small damp cloth to clean it and painted it with another colour. Yeah, it's cool to see her engaging herself in the learning process and I am so proud of her when she displayed independence and confidence.
As a follow up, I also read this book with her - Five Little Ducks and she loves it. I borrowed it from the library and I tried singing the Five Little Ducks song to her as I was reading.
Next I also showed her the Five Little Ducks song from Youtube....
Seriously, I didn't find that she was really all excited and interested in it.....(maybe she prefers my singing whahaha this Mummy so BHB) so I decided to show her another video instead!

Ohh my gosh, this song is hilarious! Everyone should have a go and watch it! It's call THE DUCK SONG by Bryant Oden 
Somehow this song is really catchy and it's has 134 million views so I guess it must be quite fascinating isn't it? Le Xin displayed some form of interest for Lemonade while watching this video.......hmmm this has kind of sparked some ideas in my head already....
I hope you guys enjoy this short post, here's just how you can integrate several subjects when teaching your child/children. In this learning experience, I have covered art, language and literacy, music and movement and some IT skill in searching songs on Youtube which are related to what we have been learning! I didn't plan for any of these to happen, just thought of these ideas spontaneously and did them with Le Xin.....Yes, I supposed she had fun engaging in the printing and listening to her favourite duck song where she kept asking me to play it over and over again for her whahahaha :) Try this with your child and hope he/she loves it too :)

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