Baby Le Xin

Sunday 18 January 2015

Valentine Day Craft 4

Today, we did painting of a heart-shape!

MummyT2X guided me on what to do for the first heart and I painted the rest by myself...

Dipping my brush with paint....

I tried to paint my very own heart shape

Next I tried indigo

Slow but steady....

I really need to focus...

Trying to fit the empty space...

Mummy why don't you join me, you can paint the next one said Le Xin!

Okay I will paint the blue heart and you paint the last one lay low said Le Xin
You mean yellow my dear replied Mummy

Doing some touch up....

Nicely done!

Super love this! How many more days to Valentine's Day?

MummyT2X's Reflection:

I thought this was a relatively easy picture to paint but it actually requires a certain level of skill.

Spacial orientation is important in this learning experience nonetheless, I think she did pretty well, good effort baby for being so focused!

By the way, I drew the first heart shape lightly with pencil to get her started, I guess for older kids, they can do it without tracing!

Try this out with your child, he/she can also cut out the heart shape and use it to make a card

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