Baby Le Xin

Monday 25 March 2013

Puzzle Fun!

Le Xin has been showing increasing interest in Puzzles.
I bought a few boxes of puzzles from ToyrUs last year and left it on her shelf. Initially, she was really excited to fix the puzzle but when she realised that fixing puzzle was too much a challenge for her, she gave up.
 In the month of March, I have observed that she was into fixing puzzles once again. She particularly likes to fix a box consisting of 3 different fruit puzzles. The apple was her favourite because it was a 4-piece puzzle. It was a very easy puzzle to fix so I think it kind of boost her esteem when she was able to complete it thus, she tends to fix it over and over again!
One day when I was cleaning her shelf, she took out the box and started fixing it on her own! I was quite surprised because she would usually ask me to fix it for her.
And guess what?
She managed to fix it on her own and she even removed the frame after completing it! I was mad happy, even though it was just a 4-piece puzzle I was still rejoicing with her....Happy Child = Happy Mum :)
Mummy see I fix my apple already, apple so easy one!  While she was fixing it, I fix the mango and grapes puzzle too, just to motivate her. She always seems happy to know that I am fixing another puzzle together with her!
While I was fixing the puzzle with her, I realised she could tell me that  the apple puzzle was easy and the grapes puzzle was too difficult for her to fix. I guess she is beginning to learn how to differentiate so that's a great thing. However, I wonder why  she kept saying the word "one" behind each sentence when she speaks these days. We don't use the word "one" behind every sentence when we speak so seriously I wonder where did she learn that from? Or is this just a passing phase? I kept reminding her to rephrase her sentence when she said "one" haha I guess I am quite affected by it even though in my heart I know my darling girl is stil learning to talk :)
Another concern which I had was that she kept tellingme that the apple puzzle was too easy for her. As much as I am glad she is showing more confidence in herself, I also hope she doesn't become too complacent......It's difficult to explain to her that we cannot be too proud of our achievements and there is always a need to be humble because I don't think she will understand all this big theory but I did stress to her that she needs to practise a few more times in order to fix the difficult ones like the grapes puzzle which was a 6-piece puzzle and I hope she understands what I am trying to tell her though :p
End of reflection, see you in the next post!

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