Baby Le Xin

Saturday 15 September 2012

Balloon Printing

Here's another art activity which I did with Le Xin over the weekend - Balloon Printing. It was fun and best of all engaging and Le Xin appeared to love it too!
Le Xin looking at her brush before she started painting...
After dipping her paint brush into the green paint, she carefully moved the brush across the balloon.
Then she began printing the balloon onto a drawing board.
She was able to print the balloon by holding it with one hand. She held her drawing board with the other hand so that it will not move to facilitate the printing.
Haha I realised that she did not put on her apron, worrying that she might dirty her shirt (this particular one which I love very much) I put on her apron for her. She went and took another yellow apron which was hanging on the hook and passed it to me. Then she said Mummy wear, yes she wanted me to put on an apron too! Just like her haha how cute... Then she sat down and choose another colour to work on, I asked her What colour would you like to use now? and she replied black  and pointed to the paint. I opened the cover for her and she dipped her paintbrush into the black paint and began painting the balloon again. This time, she seemed much more confident and had a better control over the balloon.
Nothing is better than taking a video to illustrate her learning experience.


Actual collaboration in learning with a flow of interaction is essential to a child's life. I hope to provide an atmosphere of joy when Le Xin engages in a learning experience...Sometimes, it can be simple just like this activity which I shared above. I do feel like a researcher at times....trying to look deeper into each and every details of her learning. I am enjoying this process tremendously that is why I choose to document all her learning experiences to help me better understand how I could make her learning visible and shape the learning that take place.

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