Baby Le Xin

Sunday 25 August 2013

Gear Set from Mummy!

Here's the present MummyT2X bought for Le Xin for her birthday. I do not know what you call this in English because everything on the box was in Japanese so I decided to just call it the Gear Set, yahoooo~ Let's check it out!

Can't wait to open it......

DaddyScott showing Le Xin how to play with the gear set...

Le Xin switching on the gear set to find out how it works....

 When Le Xin saw a scissor-like part moving, she attempted to put her finger in and she said giap  to herself haha typical Singaporean isn't she?... DaddyScott who was observing her, found it hilarious and started laughing away....

Since Le Xin was so intrigued by it, she decided to do that to her penguin too!
I pretended to be her penguin and  shouted NO!!!!!!!!!! and that has caused Le  Xin to laugh out loud.

Le Xin then looked up and asked Daddy Scott to try by putting his finger in between and he replied Of course not!, I do not want the scissor to giap my finger hahaha... What's up with the two of them? :p

Le Xin refused to give up and continue to pester DaddyScott to try and that made her really happy, just look at her face......Bless :)

Sometimes I wonder how a simple toy like this would make a child so happy, wait, let's think again.....Hmm, maybe it was the company, I don't think she would enjoy her time as much if DaddyScott wasn't around to play with her.

I am glad she likes this gear set that I have bought for her. I personally think this toy promotes creativity, the child will get to think of different ways to position the parts to make the entire gear set moves differently. 

Sometimes it does kinda "clip" the finger if it's not fixed properly so an adult should be present but the clipping part is not painful. You can get this gear set too if you would like your child to have some fun with it, it is sold in Isetan. I bought our set in Parkway Parade. I think most boys will love it but I am just guessing though....ending this post with a video of DaddyScott and Le Xin  seeya :)

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