Baby Le Xin

Saturday 4 August 2012

Baking Blueberry Muffins!

Received another Parental Involvement Activity from MSF! This time it's baking Muffins! From the previous post on Le Xin's First Baking Experience everyone should gather that Mummy is not a fantastic baker. However, I really wish to take part in this parental involvement activity so why not give it a try....I stick on to my philosophy that in life you never never know! Even though, I do not have an oven at did not stop me from wanting to try out this activity. I was hoping to borrow an oven or visit my sister's place to bake the muffins but thank God I saw that my toaster oven states that it can be used to baked Muffins so I decided to give it a go!

As usual, I started off by introducing Le Xin all the ingredients that we were going to use which include, blueberries, vegetable oil, milk, eggs and muffin baking flour. We also need a large mixing bowl, a whisk, a spoon, some pretty baking papercups and two metal baking cups which we bought from Daiso!

Firstly, we cut the tip of the flour packaging and Mummy held on to one side while Le Xin tried to pour the flour out. She accidently spilled some of the flour onto the table and said Oh oh but Mummy told her it's okay and so she continued pouring.

Le Xin helped to pour the vegetable oil too.

Le Xin added the milk in. When Mummy asked her What's this? She replied nuk nuk and that's how she pronounces the word milk at this point of time. It's very cute, I tried to tell her a few times it's milk and not nuk but I guess she is still not ready to say milk yet. That's pefectly fine with me :)

Then she added two eggs in! She said eggs after pouring the eggs into the mixture.

Le Xin began mixing the mixture with a whisk. She lifted up the whisk a few times to observe how the mixture dropped "back"  into the mixing bowl.

Mummy is obviously training Le Xin for MasterChef Junior Singapore..... Dear Whitney can you take Le Xin in as your disciple please?

Yeah! Of course we can't miss out on the blueberries too!

Stir Stir Stir......Mummy and Le Xin wonder how this mixture will turn out to be???

Le Xin testing the consistency of the mixture. I asked her Do you think the mixture is ready for baking? and she nodded her head.... I really wonder if she knows what I am asking her or not? :p

Le Xin helping Mummy to scoop the mixture into the paper cup!

I like this photo. Le Xin was observing the muffin mixture rising inside the toaster oven. She seemed to be amazed by it!!! Daddy Scott who just came home said I smell your muffins!!! haha

Le Xin holding her first muffin that she baked. The first patch we baked them for 10 mins and they were a little overbaked so the second patch we baked them for 8 mins and they looked just nice. It might not look like it's the BEST MUFFIN in the world......but it  certainly was the MOST SPECIAL MUFFIN because she baked this together with Mummy!

Hungrily eating her muffins.....Yummy!

The wonder of learning first begins with Exploration and it doesn't just the begining of a journey to learn more as each day passes.....Carpe Diem - Seize The Day! for it's so precious....with the companion an adult who is always keen to be part of this learning journey, just in hope to make a difference..... and an impact! Are you a parent who wants to be a part of your child's learning journey too? It's neither too late...nor too soon :)


  1. A meaningful parent child bonding activity. Def a belief system i subscribe to. U can swap wholemeal flour instead of white n are the eggs supposed to go in like this?

    Perhaps so as muffins r not supposed to rise so much. Great team effort. When do i get to sample n any sugar added?

  2. Hi Rekha,

    Thanks for the encouragement once again :) I find it strange that all the ingredients are just supposed to be added in like this! I thought more air should be incorporated using the folding in method but nonetheless the muffin still rise to the correct height so I guess it should be okay :) Haha you can sample it when we engage in baking again.....why not? haha