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Sunday 26 August 2012

Waterplay @ Tampines 1 Rooftop

Last week, we brought Le Xin out to the Library and then we went for dinner at Tampines One. When we were at  T1, I spotted that the Water Playground at T1's rooftop has opened so I decided to bring Le Xin there for a short play. Here's a short post about her wonderful discovery but first up let's see who she met just before her waterplay?

Hello Kitty!!! I really love this car.....super sweet pink (thinking about my friend Irene...) I think my sister (Avid fan of Hello Kitty) will love this car as much as Le Xin and I do! She sat in and refused to come out of it (as usual).
I also took a short video of her playing in the car after she tried to pop in a dollar.

She just loves the idea of holding hand everytimes she gets on a ride!
Time for some waterplay at the roof top playground!
Le Xin was feeling the water as it was being shot out from the equipment....
Where's the water going? Is it back into the drain?
So you caught me climbing this too?
Wow I found a small water spring.....
Should I use it to wash my hands?
What happens if I step on it? Oh no I think I block the water flow :(
This somehow looks like a fountain...
Ohh I am all wet!!!
Le Xin appeared to be extremely happy when she saw the water gushing out.....she can't wait to beat the water and make a big splash!
Time for Le Xin to jump into the shallow pool, it not suitable for her age but I was there to guide her.....Actually this area of the playground.....was meant for aged 5 to 12 haha but she just loves the water too much and I know I had to bring her there.......This kind of reminded us how much fun we had at Vivocity.
Wow the water is shooting up high....
Wow look who's here to play with me? Jia Jun kor kor :)
Then it was time to go back....we changed her clothes immediately after the waterplay and ohh noo we did not bring towel so we had to used her jacket as towel (improvisation :p) to clean her up haha. It was almost night time by time, as the cooling wind blew on our face we hurried our steps and went out quickly. Just then we realised it was freaking cold too while waiting for the lift as the air conditional blew at us wooo..... wooo...... almost felt like Snow Storm!
Daddy Scott and Le Xin were happy to help Tampines One promote their rooftop water playground......So playdates anyone? Le Xin would definitely like to have someone to play with the next time she pops in there for waterplay again. Look at her pointing her finger at if trying to tell you "YES YOU! YOU CAN COME HERE AND PLAY WITH ME TOO!" haha :)
I thought this was indeed a fantastic water playground, it was actually so much better than what I expected. Best of all..... it's absolutely FREE! Of course we can't compare it with Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa but this place it's definitely much more child friendly (for younger children)..... It's suitable for children from 18 months to 12 years of age... I even a baby below 1 year old playing there....crawling as the water splashed on her.....How fun!!! Do bring along a swimming costume and a towel if you would like to bring your child/children there I am pretty sure that they will enjoy it. Go during the evening time so it's not too sunny and please remember to "jio" us whahahahah!
Leaving you guys with 2 video of cute little Le Xin engaging with the waterplay equipment :)


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