Baby Le Xin

Saturday 26 January 2013

A little exercise for the both of us :)

Hi all, I would like to share about a simple activity which I did with my darling girl. This was an activity that I didn't plan for. That day I actually brought Le Xin out for chalk play....remember I blog about enhancing pre-writing skills with chalks  in this post? Yeah but suddenly I came up with an idea which was to engage her in racing activity and there here it is.......a learning experience at the corridor which developed both her fine and gross motor skills :)

Hooray I get to play with chalk again......I like it :)
Let's form a line first.....
Do these lines look like waves?
Mummy came up with a new way to play with me.....but I guess it's difficult for her to explain through let's watch my video below

Mummy demonstrating how to play this game....

Then I try it by myself :)
According to NEL (Nuturing Early Learners), children's gross and fine motor skills develop over time and influence their physical fitness, agility and coordination. Children should be given ample space and time for physical play to develop their sense of balance, physical coordination and spatial awarness. I am glad to offer this learning experience  for Le Xin to demonstrate control, coordination and balance. You can try it too with your child/children or students :)  

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