Baby Le Xin

Monday 21 January 2013

Sorting Manipulatives

I bought these manipulatives from East Point and Le Xin has been playing with it since then, usually she likes to put them through an ice-cream stick and shake it. Apart from using them to fix into something interesting, or using it for our race, haha I thought of another simple activity that these manipulatives can be used for....
Le Xin is able to recognise most of the colours, sometimes she gets a little confused between green and yellow, other times she might think that orange is red. I am quite certain she doesn't know grey and I often have to remind her that's the colour of the sky when it's about to rain haha! I certainly feel that this simple sorting activity is able to help her recognise some of the colours as well as learning the idea of classifying objects according to 1 attribute - Colour!
Shouldn't be too tough right? So let's see how she did it

It wasn't as easy as you think it was, initially she was rather confused! Initially, she did not understand the concept of putting the manipulatives of the same colour together because she was just too excited to throw them into the container. So I thought of a way, when she placed them into the right container I said Go Home! When she placed them wrongly I said Oh Oh...I keep in mind not to "kill" her confidence even when she sorted wrongly! She was really proud of herself when she completed sorting.......Yeah, see I'm done already a satisfied Le Xin exclaimed! How cute :)
Le Xin appears to like the "going home" idea. Haha of course I can just keep telling her yeah that's right, no that's not right.....well red should be here or blue should not be there.....but I guess that will only make her feels very irritated and frustrated. Sometimes when adults over-correct their children/students they get turn off and  instead of helping them they might just turn back and say "You play.....I don't want to play already". By sending her manipulative back to their respective homes is a sudden idea I thought of and I think it was very much based on children having animistic thinking and do you know why? That's because MummyT2X herself is also a big baby! I always draw my sun with a smiling face okay? There you see....
Comes with eyes lashes too! whahahhahaha

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