Baby Le Xin

Tuesday 7 September 2010

My Dearest Baby Le Xin!

Okay, this post will mark the first post in my blog! The above photo was taken on the day Le Xin was born...and probably the most memorable day in my life.
Blessed is the person who gets to spend time around an infant. You can never imagine the kind of joy a child will bring to your life until you experience it for yourself. When I share with others, I often say nothing prepares you for Motherhood.......really! No matter how many books you read, courses you attended and even parenting tips from other mothers somehow it's just different from what you are going to experience for every child is an unique individual.
I couldn't thank the Lord Jesus enough as the government has already implemented their 4-month maternity scheme when Le Xin was born. At least, I could spent the first few months with her. I have to admit too that I was really envy of my mother in law who later had the opportunity to further witnesseed the miracle of Le Xin developing from a chubby infant to a cute little toddler.
Many people thought that infants just spent most of their time sleeping, being fed or diapered... actually there is still time for us to give them a litttle cudle, play peekaboo games or just simply enjoying and observing what's it means to be a baby!
Years of my early childhood experience didn't prepare me at all for these....Looking back at the sweet memories of Le Xin's development is just  like I am falling in love with her over and over again hahaha! Leaving you guys with this photo which I did as an update on Facebook. I hope all mummies and daddies are out there are like me.....who enjoy having a child to dote on and experience what  unconditional love really means...