Baby Le Xin

Sunday 18 January 2015

Valentine Day Craft 4

Today, we did painting of a heart-shape!

MummyT2X guided me on what to do for the first heart and I painted the rest by myself...

Dipping my brush with paint....

I tried to paint my very own heart shape

Next I tried indigo

Slow but steady....

I really need to focus...

Trying to fit the empty space...

Mummy why don't you join me, you can paint the next one said Le Xin!

Okay I will paint the blue heart and you paint the last one lay low said Le Xin
You mean yellow my dear replied Mummy

Doing some touch up....

Nicely done!

Super love this! How many more days to Valentine's Day?

MummyT2X's Reflection:

I thought this was a relatively easy picture to paint but it actually requires a certain level of skill.

Spacial orientation is important in this learning experience nonetheless, I think she did pretty well, good effort baby for being so focused!

By the way, I drew the first heart shape lightly with pencil to get her started, I guess for older kids, they can do it without tracing!

Try this out with your child, he/she can also cut out the heart shape and use it to make a card

Saturday 17 January 2015

Our First East Coast Park Outing in Year 2015

Wow I really miss going to East Coast Park with MummyT2X and DaddyScott!
Today we finally had the chance to go there for some great bonding!

Here are some of the photos taken...

I was trying to scoop the sand so that I could pour it into my yellow pail....

Hooray! I felt so good stepping on the fine sand!

Sand play is sooooo fun, do you want to join me next time?

I need to gather more treasure, what about some nice seashells?

Put some sand on a tray...

Learning how to dig a hole....

DaddyScott playing with me!

See my backside~

I was trying to figure out how does the sand come out from the funnel

Trying to balance! Where are my leg? 

Ohh no DaddyScott was up to no good!

He tried to bury me in the sand.... I can't move

Almost going home!

 MummyT2X and me signing off~

Bye! I am glad you made it here to read about my outdoor adventure @ East Coast Park:)

Watch this video of me when half my body was being buried in the sand, two very mean adults were present, one making fun of me and the other filming the process!

Quick report Child Abuse!!!

haha just kidding :) 

Valentine Day Craft 3

MummyT2X was busy today but we managed to do one simple heart with Ikea Beads!

Most of the photos she taken were very blur so MummyT2X decided to only post me with the end product!

MummyT2X's Reflection:

This learning experience has provided Le Xin an opportunity to develop her eye hand coordination. She was very patience throughout the whole process and I didn't hear her complaining at all though it was a challenging task for her.

At some point, when she could not fit the bead in, she became a little frustrated and started making a "chek" sound and all I said to her was  "be patient, we can finish this"!

Just trying things out, in my opinion this activity is not very suitable for young children maybe Primary school kids will prefer this :)

Friday 16 January 2015

Valentine Day Craft 2

MummyT2X did a simple art activity with me this morning for V-Day... You bet! She really wasn't that lazy...Oh well~ 

I painted my heart shape cookie cutter with black paint.....

and printed it on a piece of white paper....

Feeling happy, I decided to give myself a stamp for being so good!

Mummy I give myself two stamps, one for black heart and one for the green heart said Le Xin

Cute? Meow~

I continued to paint my cookie cutter with different colours, next I dipped my brush into the pink paint...

Getting good at this yea?


I deserved a stamp for myself again!

After I came back from school, the paint dried up and I decided to draw different faces for my heart shapes...

This heart shape was crying....she had a fall :(

Planning what to draw next....

I am applying what I have learnt about emotions!

I am getting quite sleepy....yawn~ Opps not me, my green heart I mean!

Alright done! I think the pink one looks the happiest... just like me!

Simple craft with big ideas!

Reflection from MummyT2X:

Hey you guys should really try this out, it's fun and extremely easy to do with your child.

 If you do not have a heart shape cookie cutter, just replace it with a toilet roll. I am not kidding, just bend the toilet roll into a shape of a heart and print it with different colored paint.

I know most people would pour a small amount of paint on a small plate and get their child/student to  form the print with it, but I got Le Xin to paint the cookie cutter with a brush, so that she could refine her fine motor skill.

I am glad she could also reinforce her learning about emotions, what I did was to discuss how each heart was feeling and she tried her best to draw how they look like...

I hope this art work gives you some cool inspirations on what to do for V-day

Thursday 15 January 2015

Valentine Day Craft 1

Today MummyT2X did a simple heart shape craft with me....  Let's check out the fun we had :)

As usual, the exact words that I said are in Red!

MummyT2X drew a heart shape on a pink construction paper and I cut it out...

I think my cutting skill has improved!

Let's cut again....

Two pieces, I shall keep one of them in my Atelier for Art and Craft said Le Xin

Let me put some glue on this....

Paste said Le Xin

I can cut this out by myself, let me try said Le Xin

Time to decorate my work, I dipped a cotton bud into my small pot of red paint....

and I form dots around.....I think this is call pointillism - a painting technique 

I made some mistakes but MummyT2X said it's perfectly okay and told me to continue working on my craft...

With much confidence, I finally formed all the dots on the borders by myself so I went on to write the word "Love"

I tried to fill the empty space by decorating it with sequins of many shapes and colours...


Tada....nicely done!

Tell me the truth....nice or not, if you think it looks nice you should leave me a comment below!
Not on Facebook because I can't read them in future!

My Masterpiece!

Looking forward to make MORE CRAFTS with my MummyT2X  and I hope she won't be lazy <----I do mean it!

Reflection by MummyT2X:

In this learning experience, the biggest challenge was the part where she had to use the cotton bud to form the dots. It wasn't easy for her but I was well-prepared because I have done similar crafts with my students in the past. Did you notice some dots look out of shapes? She was distracted along the way, and ended up painting instead of dotting. I just had to remind her to dot and yes I kept my cool (Praise the Lord).

I could tell Le Xin was quite worried when she was forming the dots so I demonstrated on another piece of paper and encouraged her that it can be easily done. I said "Just form the dots like this, place the cotton bud on the paper and lift up your arm, if you do it wrongly, don't worry just go on, no big deal, I am sure you can do it, keep trying, jia you bao bei!"

After my demonstration, I could tell she was much more confident!

A great learning experiences for the both of us! 

Try this craft with your child or your students and be amazed by your little artist :)