Baby Le Xin

Sunday 9 October 2011


Nothing is better than soaking ourselves in a big pool of water! I am very excited because it's Le Xin's first water play. This activity should always be guided because there is always a risk of drowning!

A few days before the water play, I began looking for the swimming costume that my sister gave me. It was passed down from my niece, Tricia. Nonetheless my darling girl could fit into it. That very morning, I got Le Xin all dressed up in her costume and she was delighted to see a big pool of water in the service yard. Yes! We literally have to shift everything out from our yard to place the pool in.

We started throwing balls, containers, lego and small barrels for her to play in the pool. As we were afraid she might fall because she was still crawling at that time, Daddy Scott went into the pool to play with her too. I can't emphasize enough how important it is for fathers to be involved in their children's learning. All mummies should always be grateful and appreciate their hubbies' involvement as well!

While my hubby played with her, I took pictures and videos of them. It was indeed a very fun and meaningful play as she explored the properties of water, like how she could pour water in and out of the containers and how she could tap the water with her hands and kick them with her little feet.

I bought a float for her but the water was too shadow so perhaps I should use the float in a real swimming pool instead. Looking forward to the next water play again. Don't bother to put hot water in the pool, because we did it but the water will never be hot enough because there was just too much cold water in there. Anyway, we reckoned that when everyone is experiencing so much of fun playing, who cares about the temperature of the water.

 Then it was Mummy's turn to jump into the pool to play with Le Xin. Of course I had to! Do you think I was going to miss out all the fun? Haha we had a great time playing with the water, I wished the water level could be higher but we were afraid to waste too much water as well. Touching on that, if you like to try this activity at home, you can promote recycling by using the water to mop the floor or wash the toilet later.

After playing, Le Xin had her shower immediately so it's always good to engage in this activity before you shower your child yeah?

Can't wait for Water Play Part 2........coming soon!