Baby Le Xin

Wednesday 12 November 2014

Second Creation: 桜 Sakura @ Artistori

Art is always about the process and not the end product....This the best way I would describe it!

Le Xin took a few weeks to complete this project with her Art teachers!

The initial painting of the background...

Working on the trunk and branches of the tree....

Painting of the Sakura!

Le Xin with her second creation...

Artistori calls this work 桜 Sakura  a beautiful flower found in Japan! 

Le Xin wrote her name by the side with a green marker....and she kept emphasizing  to me that her art teachers said it's okay and she could leave out her surname "Koh" because with me, I always make sure she writes her full name! Haha alright you can write Le Xin only for your art work okay my darling!

All photos credited to Artistori