Baby Le Xin

Sunday 4 March 2012

Waterplay @ Vivocity!

Le Xin is a huge fan of waterplay......which child doesn't like water?  In the previous waterplay post, I blog about her first water play at home in our service yard and now I would like to share two occasions where we brought Le Xin to Vivocity's Sky Park - Paddling Pool for a big play! Ohh she loves it very much...... in fact, Mummy was having as much fun as her and the two of us really enjoyed soaking our feet in the water!

The first time I brought her to Vivocity was with my Papa and his wife.....whom I called her "Auntie Pin". Daddy Scott was not with us as he went fishing with his friends. The outing turned out really well. Before Le Xin was introduced to the pool site, she was blessed with a present from Wai Gong!

A parrot which can sing and talk to her. She likes to play with this toy very much and one time she even tried to pull the parrot out from the cage.....whahahahha!!!

When we reached the sky park, Auntie Pin and I  tried our best to encourage Le Xin to walk. At 16 months, she stood on the wooden plank and observed her surrounding, then she took her little steps in walking. Aww~ How cute and lovely!  Something interesting must have captured her attention in this photo, just look at her face :)

Le Xin was very careful about her first attempt in trying to soak her feet in the water. In fact, she observed how the other children beside her did it before she tried to "imitate" them.

It didn't take long for her to realise the how fun it was to step on the water. Splash Splosh!!!.....Splash Splosh!!! I tried to make the sound effect while she was stepping. Of course, I have to relate this experience to the bear hunt video that she has  been watching on Youtube! Le Xin are you in the deep cold river? How does it feels like to have your feet soak in the water? Hmmm......Mummy feels quite cold what about you? I asked.

Knowing that I have packed extra clothes for her, I suddenly had an urge to be adventurous so I put her inside the pool. No worries, I tried the shallow area, apart from feeling the texture of the rough ground, she also tried to scoop the water up and observed how the water flowed through her fingers!

She played for a good whole 15 minutes, and my Papa was like telling me again and again not to let Le Xin play for too long in the pool, just in case she catch a cold, so I told her it's was time to stop.

Obviously, she was really mad at me! I could tell she really wanted to be soaked in the pool FOREVER haha but I really had to bring her back which made me felt bad :p

Nonetheless, MummyT2X brought her special weapon; Le Xin's favourite baby bites. She was practically screaming her lungs off, crying and protesting to be back in the pool once again! I tried to reason with her why she had to stop playing. Then I changed her clothes, sanitised her hands and gave her a piece of biscuit.....after that she felt much better! Thank God for the biscuit I brought along haha :)

After having so much fun that day....I decided the next time when we visit the pool again, I seriously have to bring Daddy Scott along and yes I did it! After two months later, in March when Le Xin was 18 months old, my dad drove us to Vivocity again.

This time round, I could see the difference in terms of her confidence level . I guess the previous exposure/experience has helped her to gain insight on what to do. She took her shoes off, placed her feet in the pool and started kicking as soon as she saw the paddling pool.

Once again, she went into the pool too. I like how children couldn't care less when their clothes are wet, they are never bothered or concious about this sort of things. I tried to move her to the deeper area this time, where her two legs could submerge into the water. As she tapped the water, she accidently drank a few gulps of water, I quickly carried her up.....Daddy Scott gave me a nasty look and I knew he was quite mad at me :p Opps....I must be too engaged playing with water as well.....reliving my early childhood experience :)

Then I tried all sort of methods to "trick" her back on "land" haha. Daddy Scott was shocked to see that her diaper had turned into a water ball hahaha Fatty Diaper that's what I call it......I feel that I should have changed her to her swimming costume before her waterplay but anyway the park was actually quite windy that day so I am not sure if wearing a swimming costume was a good idea or not???

Here's Daddy Scott showing his love and care for his little princess.....alright mine too :) Feeding her some pancake while I continue to snap snap snap some photos!

Everyone was quite tired by then......but still how nice it was to go on a family outing together.....I really enjoy spending time with my family especially with my Dad......cause I know he dotes on me and Le Xin like crazy!

Once again, Wai Gong was excited to get Le Xin a present at Mini Toons but Mummy was there to stop him......No more soft toys please haha!

Le Xin spotted the water fountain outside Vivocity and was intrigued by it.... She stood there and observed the water fountain but it was quite late by then and she was feeling quite sleepy we decided to put something that we just bought from Daiso into good use

Wow now she really looked like she was enjoying her life as a princess sitting on her mini yellow chair (just $2)

The idea of this post is not only to show how Waterplay has provided Le Xin a sensorial experience. I truly believe it gave her so much happiness and joy as she begins to learn the importance of building relationship with the closest people around her..... HER FAMILY :)

Ending this post with a very sweet video of my own father getting into the water just to play with her grand-daughter.... My father's involvement in my life as a young child has a big impact in whatever I am doing today.....So the bottomline is never undermind your role as a father.....your child looks up to you as a role model and the impact you left on him/her will determine how he/she is going to treat his/her child/children in future :)

Thanks for reading, I hope you like this post as much as I love my family :)