Baby Le Xin

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Image of the child: Children Are Curious!

I strongly believe that all children are curious. It is very important for us adults to recognise this and think of  various ways to facilitate their curiosity. Daddy Scott and I brought Le Xin out one day to Bedok Point. She came across this Japanese restaurent and was intrigued by the fake food on display. She pointed at the display and turned back to smile at me.

I waited for a while for her to observe the food before bending down to explain to her. These are fake food Le Xin, they are not the real food that we eat but they look really real isn't it? They put the fake food on display so that we could know what they are selling inside. (Pointing to the restaurent)  Would you like to eat at this restaurent someday?  I told her that the food she was looking at were ramen and japanese wine and suggested that we could try the ramen the next time we visit that place again.

It's common for children to pause and look at something because most of things around them fascinate them. We would usually ask our children to move on because we find that somehow they are slowing us down. However, if we could actually make use of these little opportunities to share with our children on what they are looking at, I believe they will soon become keen learners who are always ready to ask questions and learn. That's because we are modeling this behaviour as a parent too when we show them we are interested in their learning.

Most importantly, value the time spent and have fun!