Baby Le Xin

Saturday 28 April 2012

A Day @ Botantical Garden!

In tune with Le Xin's current interest on Plants. I have decided it will be a good idea to bring her to the Botanical Garden. I have not been there for quite some time so I do not know what to expect for myself too.

Here's a photo of Daddy Scott and Le Xin at the entrance of The Botanical Garden! Ohh I super love this traditional costume that I bought for her during CYN!

Mummy trying to show Le Xin a rambutan look-a-like plant. She loves touching the plants so I carried her to feel the fruits!

My dad used to tell me there were monkeys at The Botanical Garden but of course now we can't find them anymore... Anyway, it wasn't too bad at least Le Xin had the opportunity to observe some cute looking ducks swimming pass.

Daddy Scott and Le Xin tried to walk nearer to the ducks so as to catch a closer look!

Le Xin was a little hungry so Mummy gave her  a piece of cake to eat. I don't think Le Xin appreciate Mummy giving her a plastic bag to sit on....Poorthing! Mummy had obviously forgotten to pack a ground sheet in her bag :p

Nonetheless, she still enjoyed eating her cake.... Yummy!

She was really intriqued with one of the plants in the garden and I asked Daddy Scott to carry Le Xin so that she could touch the plants but she appeared to be scared of them!

Nothing to be scared of Le Xin  Daddy Scott tried to encourage Le Xin to touch one of the stalk. Yes they look like the long wavy grass in the Bear Hunt Book, can you remember? asked Mummy. Upon hearing that, Le Xin tried to touch and pull the plant immediately.

We decided to pop by at the Jacob Ballas Children Garden before it was too late, the Children's Garden will be closed at 7pm and it was already 6.30pm by the time we reached there.

Le Xin playing happily with Mummy at the water play area in Jacob Ballas Children's Garden!

I changed her clothes and we were just about to leave the garden when I saw something that interest me and this time it was..........










Two beautiful looking black swans....I didn't expect to see them so I was mad excited to show them to Le Xin :)

My darling girl was feeling quite adventurous, she walked really close to the swans and gave them a big stare! She observed how the rest of the children were trying to feed the swan with bread. Of course I do not advocate feeding these birds with food like bread because I know it's quite harmful to them but well......

I really don't mind Le Xin pretending to feed the swans by stretching out her hand just like what the rest of the children were doing....

Do you love going to The Botanical Garden? How about making a trip there to explore the natural world.  It's really good to visit the garden on a cloudy day, the best time to visit will be early in the morning or late evening when the weather is not too hot. The garden is located at 1 Cluny Road, if you are traveling via MRT, it is really convenient because you just have to alight at Botanical Garden MRT station which brings you there right away!

"We do not see nature with our eyes, but with understandings and our hearts" quote from William Hazlitt....Sometimes it all started with the first experience!

Sunday 22 April 2012

What A Pleasant Surprise!

Daddy Scott came home with a big catch! Obviously Le Xin appeared to be really happy when Daddy pulled out his fish from the purple plastic bag to show it to her. Fish Fish Le Xin tried to say it twice and Daddy Scott taught her to say Yu which is Fish in Mandarin

It was a great learning experience for Le Xin to see a real-life fish right in front of her eyes, the fish was really very very smelly though. I think it will be good if Le Xin can witness how Daddy caught the fish because somehow I don't know if she understands that Daddy actually caught that fish with his fishing rod but I do really love her expression hahaha!

When Daddy caught a fish, everyone is happy! We have an extra dish to eat! Yummy :)

Thursday 19 April 2012

Exploring Letters and Numbers

I recently bought these magnets from Toys R Us at only $16+ for Le Xin to explore letters and numbers. She picks up each magnet and asks me to tell her the name of  the letter or number.

I strongly think that this is a very good manipulative for children to learn about letters and numbers in a fun way. If you buy a few packets, you can even use the letters to form words or even your child's name. I use the magnets to form Le Xin's name since every letter of her name is different!

There are 72 magnets in each pack which consist of  letters (both upper and lower case) as well as numbers from  0 to 9. It is either packed in a blue bag or red bag and I bought the red one. When I opened it, I poured all the magnets into a basket as I think it is easier for Le Xin to pick up the magnets in this way.

While I am cooking lunch or dinner, Le Xin will keep herself busy by picking up the magnets and putting them on the fridge. Once she is done, she will put all the magnets back into the basket and leave it at a corner so that she can explore them again.

Love this idea? You can try it too! Remember simplicity is always good!