Baby Le Xin

Sunday 22 April 2012

What A Pleasant Surprise!

Daddy Scott came home with a big catch! Obviously Le Xin appeared to be really happy when Daddy pulled out his fish from the purple plastic bag to show it to her. Fish Fish Le Xin tried to say it twice and Daddy Scott taught her to say Yu which is Fish in Mandarin

It was a great learning experience for Le Xin to see a real-life fish right in front of her eyes, the fish was really very very smelly though. I think it will be good if Le Xin can witness how Daddy caught the fish because somehow I don't know if she understands that Daddy actually caught that fish with his fishing rod but I do really love her expression hahaha!

When Daddy caught a fish, everyone is happy! We have an extra dish to eat! Yummy :)

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