Baby Le Xin

Thursday 19 April 2012

Exploring Letters and Numbers

I recently bought these magnets from Toys R Us at only $16+ for Le Xin to explore letters and numbers. She picks up each magnet and asks me to tell her the name of  the letter or number.

I strongly think that this is a very good manipulative for children to learn about letters and numbers in a fun way. If you buy a few packets, you can even use the letters to form words or even your child's name. I use the magnets to form Le Xin's name since every letter of her name is different!

There are 72 magnets in each pack which consist of  letters (both upper and lower case) as well as numbers from  0 to 9. It is either packed in a blue bag or red bag and I bought the red one. When I opened it, I poured all the magnets into a basket as I think it is easier for Le Xin to pick up the magnets in this way.

While I am cooking lunch or dinner, Le Xin will keep herself busy by picking up the magnets and putting them on the fridge. Once she is done, she will put all the magnets back into the basket and leave it at a corner so that she can explore them again.

Love this idea? You can try it too! Remember simplicity is always good!

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