Baby Le Xin

Saturday 17 January 2015

Valentine Day Craft 3

MummyT2X was busy today but we managed to do one simple heart with Ikea Beads!

Most of the photos she taken were very blur so MummyT2X decided to only post me with the end product!

MummyT2X's Reflection:

This learning experience has provided Le Xin an opportunity to develop her eye hand coordination. She was very patience throughout the whole process and I didn't hear her complaining at all though it was a challenging task for her.

At some point, when she could not fit the bead in, she became a little frustrated and started making a "chek" sound and all I said to her was  "be patient, we can finish this"!

Just trying things out, in my opinion this activity is not very suitable for young children maybe Primary school kids will prefer this :)

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