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Friday 16 January 2015

Valentine Day Craft 2

MummyT2X did a simple art activity with me this morning for V-Day... You bet! She really wasn't that lazy...Oh well~ 

I painted my heart shape cookie cutter with black paint.....

and printed it on a piece of white paper....

Feeling happy, I decided to give myself a stamp for being so good!

Mummy I give myself two stamps, one for black heart and one for the green heart said Le Xin

Cute? Meow~

I continued to paint my cookie cutter with different colours, next I dipped my brush into the pink paint...

Getting good at this yea?


I deserved a stamp for myself again!

After I came back from school, the paint dried up and I decided to draw different faces for my heart shapes...

This heart shape was crying....she had a fall :(

Planning what to draw next....

I am applying what I have learnt about emotions!

I am getting quite sleepy....yawn~ Opps not me, my green heart I mean!

Alright done! I think the pink one looks the happiest... just like me!

Simple craft with big ideas!

Reflection from MummyT2X:

Hey you guys should really try this out, it's fun and extremely easy to do with your child.

 If you do not have a heart shape cookie cutter, just replace it with a toilet roll. I am not kidding, just bend the toilet roll into a shape of a heart and print it with different colored paint.

I know most people would pour a small amount of paint on a small plate and get their child/student to  form the print with it, but I got Le Xin to paint the cookie cutter with a brush, so that she could refine her fine motor skill.

I am glad she could also reinforce her learning about emotions, what I did was to discuss how each heart was feeling and she tried her best to draw how they look like...

I hope this art work gives you some cool inspirations on what to do for V-day

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