Baby Le Xin

Sunday 14 November 2010

Baby Friendship!

 According to research, infants have a genuine interest in other children . This is because they generally enjoy looking at faces, especially faces of children. I have to completely agree with this!
One day, I went over to my sister's place with Le Xin for some parenting tips....yeah my sister is afterall a mother of three so surely she would have a lots of tips to share with me right? So during my visit, I placed Le Xin beside Tevin and guess what? It was such a blessing that I got to observe how Tevin was trying to interact with Le Xin. I am not too sure about how Le Xin was feeling at that moment but it appeared that Tevin was really curious and interested to make friends with Le Xin...He is just sooooo adorable!
Ending of this short post with a cute video of the both of them....It's cool that Tevin (4 months old) was already displaying the ability to initiate baby friendship by touching Le Xin's face and attempting to hold her hand... Le Xin was still quite passive I guess that's because she was only two months old. Nonetheless this was indeed a valuable observation!

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