Baby Le Xin

Friday 25 May 2012

Outdoor Play with Children from LCCCT Student Care!

After fetching Le Xin home from my MIL's place, I decided to visit the student care children in LCCCT! Really miss everyone of them so much! And they were really happy to see me and Le Xin!

I thought this was a great opportunity for Le Xin to mix around with older children and everything went out fine except when I went to the toilet, she started crying! The children from SC were super nice to her, what a great kor kor and jie jie you guys were, they tried to distract her and comfort her.

Then we went outdoor for a big play!

De Hua held Le Xin's hands and started dancing with her.... She wasn't afraid at all and played with him happily.

The girls discussing with Le Xin what to play in the playground.

Chor Yi and Gladis decided to play a little balloon game with Le Xin. She was delighted to throw the ball to and fro with the girls.

They were really frightened that Le Xin might burst the balloon because she kept pressing it!

Le Xin must have find these two jie jie really funny! It's a tiny balloon and they are protecting it like a golden egg!

Last but not least a group photo together! Le Xin was really reluctant to take this photo.... just look at her face! I guess she probably wanted to go back to play or was just feeling overwhelmed with all the attention that she was getting!

Sometimes it's just difficult to offer social play at home :( It's best to go where are you bringing your child today?


  1. Hi Linda, I happened to peek into your blog and really found it very interesting. Its wonderful to see how u are able to put to good practical use all the great things u learnt about early childhood into the most important "product" of your life. I can see in the above episode Vygotsky's scaffolding theory at work!!! Also these children may be able to help her achieve her zone of proximal development.


    1. Thanks Latha, your encouragement is very much appreciated! I've gotten a lot of inspiration from what you did in school previously :) Continue your great work with the children at LCCCT, you will soon come to know the impact you have left on these kids!