Baby Le Xin

Tuesday 31 July 2012

What can we do with two toilet rolls and cellophane paper?

Le Xin was at her Mini Atelier exploring some of the materials that I have set out, she noticed that I placed two toilet rolls and a packet of red cellophane paper and she began exploring.....

When Le Xin saw the toilet rolls, she started picking them up and placed one of it near her mouth, then she tried to make some sounds through it. What do you think we can use these toilet rolls for? asked Mummy.

Le Xin tried puting the toilet roll through her little hand. Then she noticed a packet of cellophane paper and attempted to open it but she couldn't so she looked at Mummy and said Help me! Mummy helped Le Xin to cut a small piece of cellophane paper and she started using her hands to crush it.

Le Xin placed the cellophane paper over the the toilet roll but it was too big for her to handle. So Mummy helped Le Xin to cut the paper to a smaller size.

Le Xin  used the cellophane paper as a wrapping tool but wait something was missing....

Mummy suggested to use scotch tape to stick it to the roll so Le Xin helped by holding on to the cellophane paper tightly while Mummy attached the scotch tape to it.

Hooray, all done! Le Xin appeared to be using the toilet rolls as shakers. She waved the rolls side by side and shook them up and down.

Next, Le Xin tried to connect both the toilet rolls together.
Wow now it looks longer Mummy exclaimed!
Would you like to stick it? asked Mummy but Le Xin shook her head.

Oh let's wait! Le Xin seemed to figure out another way of using the toilet rolls, as a binoculars it everything is red and she couldn't stop laughing :)

Haha why are you red in colour Mummy?

Le Xin you look like you are putting on sunglasses....I could see your cute little what could you see?

This is just one of the activities I did with Le Xin where I see myself as her partner; collaborating with her to complete a simple craft. My ultimate aim was to scaffold her learning......I was there to observe, facilitate, suggest but I also need to ensure that I take careful steps not to dictate what to do. Sometimes, it's tough I admit......but at least I always try my best to refrain myself so that I do not end up coming up with ideas which kill her creativity instead! Daddy Scott is always there to remind me about this... Sometimes it keeps me wondering why others thought that I am there to help her learn......actually I am the one who is learning with and FROM her! It's always a two way thing and I love being a co-learner:)

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