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Sunday 30 September 2012

Celebrating Mid Autumn Festival

Sorry for the lack of update on Le Xin's blog......been quite busy lately. Here's a new post
about Le Xin celebrating Mid Autumn Festival. Mid Autumn Festival also known as Mooncake Festival and Lantern Festival is a popular festival which most Chinese celebrate in Singapore. I love  中秋节 because of the delicious mooncake and lantern taking during the night which makes this festival truly unique and special. Le Xin was still having a bad cough so she can't eat mooncake this year.....but I know she definitely should not miss her lantern taking experience especially when fifteen of the 8th Lunar month falls on a Sunday (yes! practically no excuse to say NO TIME haha) 
Last year, Daddy Scott wasn't around to spend Zhong Qiu with was just
a cold and lonely night :( only Le Xin and I went down for lantern taking and there
was only one family who was strolling at the park.....and Le Xin couldn't walk at
that time yet, so she sat in her pram and I pushed her around....not very fun of course~~~
Le Xin was sitting in her pram last year holding her lantern given by Wai Gong!
This year, Daddy Scott, Le Xin and I celebrated 中秋节 together with a few groups of parents who also brought their kids to the park.  We bought her a simple Garfield
Lantern with a light bulb in it and brough her down for a stroll. We went down about 7pm and thought it was still early so we went to the playground for a play first....I took a few photos of her at the park....but sadly most of the images were blur because they were moving and I think my camera was not set to anti-shake function that day :( It's okay fortunately I took some videos too.....
When I spotted her climbing up the playground equipment, I was amazed.....finally she could hold on
to the bar and climb up all by herself.....well done Le Le muack!
Daddy Scott was helping Le Xin to set up her lantern.
Daddy Scott was guiding Le Xin on how to hold her lantern
Wah.....She really can't wait to play...but look at how she holds her lantern exclaimed Daddy Scott
It's okay Mummy can hold it together with you Le Xin :)
Le Xin started strolling.....still trying to figure out how to hold her lantern haha.
DaddyScott who can't stand the sight of it.......guided her again :p
Then she ran towards a patch of grass and was intrigued by a group of boys playing sparkles....
As Le Xin was walking, she was curious to see another group of children playing with their parents. She particularly seemed interested in a spinning lantern, so the lady bent down and showed Le Xin herdaughter's lantern . How sweet!
Le Xin saw another boy playing with his Angry Bird lantern, it has sound so she went over to take a look.
Then she started playing together with the boy. They started jumping and running  around and they appeared to have lots of fun!
Then his Mummy asked if Le Xin would like to exchange her lantern with her son haha
Of course Le Xin wouldn't mind and they exchanged and continued running and jumping....Notice a HPat the right hand corner of this pic? Yeah, Daddy Scott picked up a HTC HP while observing them.We waited for the owner to return to look for his phone :p
Poorthing, Daddy Scott was quite tired by he squatted down to rest.
He was amazed how his daughter and that little boy could run NON STOP whahahahaha!
Le Xin: Hey you guys should really get me this Angry Bird lantern with sound instead....I think it's way better?
Mummy: Hey when Garfield was out, Angry Bird isn't hatch from the egg yet alright? Stop being fussy and learn to appreciate okay? :p
Hahahahah my FAKE SCRIPT again!
Then Le Xin spotted the little boy's father holding a bigger lantern with a candle inside. He was trying to dig a hole to place the stick into the ground and Le Xin imitated him and tried to stick her lantern into the ground too.........How funny~
Time to exchange their lanterns was almost time to go home. Le Xin bid farewell to the
little boy whom she was playing with :) Haha the boy appeared to like Le Xin's lantern very much
look where his eyes were looking at hahaha
Then we stroll around and hope that we could get hold of the owner of the HP. Daddy suspected that the person who dropped the HP must be one of the boys who were playing with the sparkles earlier on but I told him if you just approached them....they might just claimed it was theirs even though it might not be......Just then I saw a boy going around looking for something.
I told Daddy Scott......Do you that is the boy who dropped his phone? and so Daddy Scott went over and asked  Are you looking for something?  and the boy replied  Yes! with a sad and panic look.
Daddy Scott asked So What are you looking for? and the boy replied My handphone. When Daddy Scott passed him the phone......he was showed sign of relief and was happy then he thank us! Please be careful the next time my dear AH BOY!
 Time to head home and in the lift I took a cute photo of Le Xin......just by looking at it, I feel like hugging her to NO END! BIG SQUEEZE! haha
Am I cuter or my! Haha actually nope you of course!
Every place has a soul* (sense of soul expressed in the writing of James Hillmann) , an identiy and seeking to discover it and relate to it means learning to recognise your own souls as well. Quoted from: Dialogues with Places Published by Reggio Children
Each time when I bring Le Xin to different places and engage her with different experiences, I really feel that I am helping her to discover and understand herself. I particulary find the above statement very meaningful and wish to quote it for today's post to highlight that every place that a child goes to, will bring about a significant meaning/purpose to a child's life. Celebrating Mid-Autumn festival at the park not only helps Le Xin to know more about the park but it also provided her the opportunity to interact with other children and adults as well. Some children were holding traditional lanterns and it was so cool to see them.....I strongly believe this helps Le Xin to learn about traditions, to know that this is our culture and it is still present in the 21st Century....fortunately.
My colleague told me no one was holding lantern in her estate at Hougang.....come on people what happen? I am glad that the residents of Tampines were still quite participative that night right?
Leaving you guys with a short video of Le Xin playing with the little boy....notice a girl walking pass? She was one of them who was holding a traditional lantern and another lantern that she made by herself out of tissue box, her sister was holding a lantern too made from plastic bottle how cute was that man.....Enjoy the video :)

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