Baby Le Xin

Wednesday 8 October 2014

First Creation: Circles with a little surprise 圆形,颜色,线条 @ Artistori

This is Le Xin a@ Artistori, she was given a cute little badge by her teachers @ Artistori
Haha she has the same hairstyle as the girl in Artistori's logo... So cute :)

Le Xin continued with the painting of her art work for her second lesson...

Nicely done! Tada.... her first creation @ Artistori! 

Artistori calls this work Circles with a little surprise

Love her first creation so much, it's really pretty to me! (okok biase cause I am her Mummy of course I think her work is nice :p) 

I am so glad that she was feeling much happier for her second lesson. Yes no more crying...Hooray!

All photos credited to Artistori :)

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