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Saturday 20 October 2012

Visiting Ginger the Lovely Street Dog!

I stumble upon Ginger's plight on SOSD's Facebook. Ginger's story about how she and her puppies were being rescued deeply touched my heart and somehow I really wished I could visit this dog who is currently staying in kind Dr Siew Tuck Wah's place.
On this special day, I decided to bring my dad and Le Xin to Dr Siew's place to visit Ginger. He was not in but his helper Irene was there to open the door for us. Prior to the visit, I actually showed Le Xin's Ginger's Youtube video so that she had some kind of understanding about this visit and knew who she was visiting.... Of course she doesn't understand the concept that these dogs were all street dogs that were adopted and fostered by dogs lovers who wish to make a difference in the lives of these doggies. They simply want nothing but a shelter and a little love.
I wish to use this opportunity to teach Le Xin the importance of caring for animals. Even though, these animals might not be our Pet rabbit, fish or terrapins but we can still love them with all our hearts. At the porch, I saw two lovely street dogs, Bacon and Yoghurt who were excitely wagging their tails to "welcome" us.
Frankly speaking Le Xin was totally nonchalent about what's going on but my dad and I were quite frightened to see the two of them because they were really quite big in size. They did bark at us initally but after a while they became very friendly as soon as they knew we were not there to harm them.
A curious Le Xin who saw Bacon and Yoghurt kept pointing to them and said Dogs. Then I asked Irene if she could carry Ginger out to show us which she gladly did. Le Xin observed how I patted Ginger and she followed me. Then we also fed Ginger some biscuit which make Bacon and Yoghurt very excited yeah of course they wanted to have a piece too.
My dad was really worried that Le Xin will be bitten and of course I took every precaution that I could to warn Le Xin not to put her little fingers too near to the fence but in general we were really happy that the dogs enjoyed our presence especially when they knew they had dog biscuits to eat haha.
Two of Ginger's puppies were with her as well. I guess the two of them really serve as an emotional support to Ginger even though I knew eventually the two will also be fostered/adopted. I showed Le Xin Ginger's puppies who were tossing and jumping around in the cage...explaining to her that those were puppies. Le Xin picked up really fast, she pointed at the puppies and said Baby. Haha how cute!
I kept hugging Ginger......I can't help it.....she is just too lovely, she kept wagging her tail at us and showing us her cutest doppy eyes filled with lot's of love. I do hope with all my heart that a kind soul will adopt her eventually.....Le Xin appeared to enjoy this learning experience.....Aww~ She always get really excited to see dogs anyway must be somehow she was influenced by her mum and Wai gong :p Le Xin is really scared when Silver gets too friendly but somehow she is very calm when she saw Ginger....that's was how lovely Ginger was! Even a toddler loves her!
As I am not too sure if I can take photo for this visit afterall Dr Siew was not in and I can't seek his permission so I just took one shot. Hereby presenting.......The cutest baby Le Xin (haha in my opinion only) with Mummy Ginger, a dog with so much character! (haha many would agree)
Mummy can we take Ginger home?
Keeping a dog is a life time committment......Remember a puppy is always cute when it's young and playful but when it grows old and sick will you still stand by your furry friend? This is a strong message which I wish to send out to Le Xin and everyone I know! Caring for a pet is not an easy task like many people think it is, especially for dogs.....You really need the time to care for them and walk them....That's why in my previous post on my Pet Bunny Bambi....I kept emphasizing  that I did not buy the bunny for Le Xin because seriously NOBODY SHOULD BUY A PET LIKE A TOY FOR A TODDLER/PRESCHOOLER it just doesn't make sense.... You can't expect a child to be committed in caring for a pet and resume the responsibility which is supposed to be for an adult right? But yes you can always bully your hubby to do it hahaha just kidding. Many thanks to Daddy Scott who is currently helping me out to care for our pet bunny! If you are really tempted to buy any type of animal as a pet, think twice! Firstly think if you even have the time to pack your closet according to the famous Cesar Milan so what makes you think you will have time for your pet especially for a long term?

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