Baby Le Xin

Thursday 1 November 2012

Water Play - Washing and Hanging Clothes

Another update from Teacher Lin about Le Xin's water play with her friends in school. She also wrote us a short update on Le Xin's progress how sweet was that! I was really delighted to see this photo.....I could tell how engaged and happy Le Xin was when she engaged in water play at school. Thank you very much Teacher Lin! We really appreciate each and every update of Le Xin which you wrote to us :)

Date: 1 Nov 2012

Activity: Water play (washing & hanging clothes)

Le Xin was seen to be very engrossed playing with the green mermaid suit in the water. As her friends were doing pegging, she was still washing the suit. When I asked her to hang it on the rafia string, she didn’t want to at first. Later she hang it right next to the trough. She displayed a good fine motor skills as she was able to clip the peg.

1 Nov 2012

Dear parents,

Here’s another monthly developmental updates about Le Xin.

Le Xin has been very participative in class. She enjoys dancing to the song “Asereje” by Las Ketchup, especially the part where she has to shake her legs together. She laughed out loud after doing this action.

Le Xin is very engaged in Art & Craft activities. She is able to follow instructions and was seen very explorative with the materials provided and paints. She didn’t seem to mind getting messy in this activity.

Le Xin enjoys when Reina plays with her. She smiles and follows Reina’s movements such as to hold hands and walk around the class together during Music & Movement.

I’m very pleased with how far she has progressed. J


Teacher Lin

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