Baby Le Xin

Sunday 11 November 2012

Ohh no!....Look who has fallen sick?

I guess Le Xin's baby doll has caught Le Xin's virus and now it's Le Xin's turn to act as the "Mummy" to take care of her!

Obviously Le Xin was very good at recycling :p She removed the fever cooling gel pad that I placed on her head and sticked it on her doll's head instead. Next, she asked me for a syringe so that she could feed her baby doll medicine....
And that's not all!
She  also realised that her doll's temperature was still very high and decided to sponge her down....whahaha!
The beginning of dramatic play were seen in the toddler year when children used objects to represent something else. This is something really an important process, it teaches them the skill of learning how to improvise. Le Xin has been engaging in a lot of dramatic play at her housekeeping corner. Sometimes when she takes up the role of a "mummy" she really becomes super adorable and I just enjoy observing how she pretends to me, immitating most of my actions! Seriously, I hope to share more of her dramatic play experience with you guys so keep a lookout for more entries on her @ play!

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