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Wednesday 7 November 2012

Le Xin's Encounter with Furby!

Sorry for the lack of update... I have been really busy lately. Alright so I guess most of you  already knew that recently my hubby bought a special toy for Le Xin and I have posted a few pictures about it on Facebook...Yes! We have finally decided to purchase Furby :) A robotic toy that could talk....... Actually Furby was first launched more than a decade ago, I think it was 1998 or something.

As a child, I have always wanted to buy Furby but of course I couldn't afford it. Don't get me wrong it's not that I think it is cheap now in fact it is still freaking expensive but well I've got to admit that a part of me is still a child and I really wish to own this toy so my lovely hubby who knew about this, bought Furby for Le Xin.....Secretly, I guessed it was actually for me! Whahahaha okay if you see someone floating in the air now, it must be me :p

Okay back to Le Xin's encounter with Furby.....This post clearly illustrates the Image of the Child which I believe in - Children are indeed curious!

A happy Le Xin who can't wait to open the box....
Hmm......What's this? Blue and flurry and looks a little bit like an owl
Hello say something!
Hmph! Why it isn't talking to me?
Please tell me what to do to make it talk :(
Daddy Scott turned Furby upside down and showed Le Xin that there is a place for us to put the batteries in.
Daddy Scott showed Le Xin how he needed to first remove the cardboard
Then a curious Le Xin looked at how Daddy Scott uses a screwdriver to unscrew the cover to place the batteries in...FYI Ms Rekha for your sake I have pixelated dear Mr Scott for your sake so that you will not accuse me of exposing my dear hubby whahahahaha~
Then Le Xin played with Furby for a while and well.....children will always be children...soon her interest in Furby just dies off and she became hooked onto Youtube again but she insisted that she wanted to watch Youtube with Furby haha.....
Suddenly Furby became very sleepy, we just didn't know why? It felt asleep and the funny thing was no matter how hard Daddy Scott and Le Xin tried to wake Furby, it just refused to get up :p how naughty it was!
Here's a short video of their attempt funny right?

Alright Le Xin went for a shower and when she was back, we continued to play with Furby....
I tried to switch off the light to take a picture of Furby....I think it looks really nice in the dark :)
When Le Xin saw me snapping photos of Furby, she said Mummy I want and stretched her hand out to reach for the camera.
There she was, learning how to use my camera to take a photo of Furby....and that's not all~
She certainly knew how to care for her new found friend too by feeding lovely!
It's heartwarming to find out that Le Xin is capable of  doing many things by herself now especially when she displays the ability to care and share but above all I really hope that there is always a thought of kindess in her mind.
I've just spoke to my good friend (also from the ECE field) recently and she shared with me that one of her teacher in her child care centre is empowering the children to use real working hair dryer to dry their classmates' hair after shower, initially when she saw that she was really worried about safety issues but she knew her teacher was there for them and the empowerment has proven to enhance independence, confidence and satisfaction. What she shared about her teacher was truly inspirational to me.
 When Le Xin handled my camera and managed to take some photos all by herself, I am really impressed with her independence. Seriously, I really don't think I was able to do these things at her age but of course it's all about exposing her to different things without having to stress her so that she could fearlessly embark in her learning journey......I used to worry if she will spoil my camera or drop it but for now my mindset has really changed and in fact it's a good change because I have finally learn how to see her as a competent individual.... I just need to constantly remind myself the importance of empowering her....

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