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Saturday 17 November 2012

Bubble Soap

 In one of my blog entries earlier on, I mentioned that Le Xin was quite fascinated over a hand wash that we bought....."Kirei Kirei" which she always like to call it as "Bubble Soap" because of the foam itproduced when she pressed the "pump". Building on her interest on soap and bubbles I decided to conduct a simple experiment with her and did a short observation. Once again, I make use of the simplest materials which I can find.....Water, soap and my favourite material------> FOOD COLOURING whahaha!

Le Xin getting all ready with the materials placed in front of her....
I placed 3/4 full of water in a mineral bottle and Le Xin appeared to be very anxious to open the bottle cap.
I put two big drops of purple food colouring into the water and she observed what happened.
I realised the food colouring I added was a little too much as such the solution looked too concentrated.
Lava lamp in the making....quite beautiful isn't it?
Le Xin started to shake the solution to observe what happened...Alright it's just a bottle with purple water in it.....Very dark purple in fact and so I decided to................
Provide Le Xin with another 1 Litre Distilled Water Bottle which was 1/2 filled with water.
Once again she went ahead to open the cap first.
Then she placed a funnel in....
I like how we poured in the concentred purple solution from the previous bottle into a bigger bottle. It's all about working together :)
Looking through the water...."Hmm this look familiar didn't I try making coloured solution before?"
Nope in the previous experiment there no soap was added right?
Waiting for the soap to dripped down slowly.....
A very patient Le Xin waiting for the soap to flow down......Well done my darling girl!
Then she began to shake the bottle vigorously....
This is what I call close up observation......How cool is that!
Placing the two bottles side by side, Le Xin appeared to be comparing I asked..Which bottle do you like the big one or the small one?
Quickly she replied Big one and smiled at me!
Carrying out this simple experiment with Le Xin helps me to understand the importance of building environmental awareness based on a sense of wonder and joy of discovery as quoted from Kindergarten Curriculum Guide (KCG) by MOE. This learning experience helps Le Xin to extend on her natural curiosity, discover things for herself , as well as build on what she already know and understand ! In fact, when I was carrying out this experiment with her, it somehow brought back my beautiful memories of my life in Poly as a Life Science student .....Yeah I wasn't really thinking about filtration, titration or HPLC hahaha but what I do know is that whatever Le Xin and I were doing on that day, it will definitely help her in a way or another in future and only God knows....It's just so amazing to look at how focused Le Xin was when she was observing and comparing:) I really hope to provide more learning opportunities to support her in terms of self discovery and problem solving :)

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