Baby Le Xin

Sunday 3 February 2013

Making Chun Lian and Firecrackers for CNY!

As part of Chinese New Year celebration, Le Xin made a simple Chun Lian (春联)  - 吉 which means lucky and some firecrackers too! Let's take a look at how she made them :)
Let's paint the background first!
As not to waste our limited supply of paint, Mummy decided to use yellow food colouring instead! Putting a ring of scotch tape to prevent the bottle from toppling :)
Dipping the brush in!
Painting the drawing board....
While waiting for the paint to dry, let's work on the firecrackers!
Le Xin applied the glue while Mummy helped with the wrapping of the toilet rolls...
Let's paint the toilet rolls now!
In the afternoon the drawing board had dried up and Mummy helped to write the word 吉on it :)
Applying glue....
Le Xin pasted the strips of paper( cut out from red packets) on the lines of the word.
Le Xin's little hands have grown so much bigger, no longer my baby drumlets!
Conciously making the effort not to paste out of the line. I paste on the line said Le Xin!
Please tell me you going to help me display this okay?
Bribing Mummy with her sweet smile!
Engaging children in craft work is one of the best way to encourage them to express their creativity, at the same time it also helps them to understand the need to keep on trying. Le Xin's concentration span during each art and craft session never fails to amaze me and seriously I really enjoy working with her too! A part of me always feel like I hope my parents did these stuff with me when I was younger but it's not too late for I am thankful that each day of my life I am given the chance to teach and learn from my baby Le Xin :) Hopefully in future, I will also have more opportunities to engage in crafting with my students too!
Ending my post with this photo which I like very much because it tells me a story!
I left the red firecrackers that we did on the table at our Mini Atelier along side with some Chinese New Year stickers. One afternoon, I spotted Le Xin peeling the stickers to decorate the firecrackers! When she saw me she said Mummy I want to paste my stickers... It's was truly inspiring how Le Xin could use the materials which I set out to construct her own knowledge and work on her ideas!
Ciao, hope you like this post!

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