Baby Le Xin

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Painting with Longan branches

Remember in August I posted this? This is the followup activity where I used the branches of the fruits to get Le Xin to paint.

Let's check out her learning experience.

Ready to start

Firstly, press the acrylic paint into the pallet. 

Mix using one of the branches 

Next, use the branches to paint!

Le Xin observing the branches....

The marks she formed!

Let's try a different colour....

Going back to the first colour

Little finger @ work :)

This time round, Le Xin decided she wanted to press the paint onto a plate instead....

A video of her painting....

Le Xin often gains the feeling of success and competency when she is engaged in something that she likes to do. In this case, a learning experience which involved painting was one of the her favourite.  To me, it is important to build on Le Xin's interest by providing different tools, exposing her to different techniques and offering a variety of media for her to create her artwork. This helps her to explore the different elements of arts where her ideas and thoughts could be reflected in her creation!

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