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Tuesday 2 December 2014

A Day Out @ Suntec City - The Polliwogs Fun!


Today, Le Xin also created another Math Journal!

After going through the hands on learning with me yesterday about Numeracy, she represented her learning in her exercise book. 

Good writing!

Project Work - Carols (Music and Movement)

Taught her some Christmas carols and she started singing them with her ukuklele... 

Physical Development - Aim and Throw

Le Xin stood inside a hoola hoop, using a masking tape roll, she aimed and threw the tape onto the toilet rolls. We took turns to play this!

Environmental Awareness - A Day Out @ Suntec City! 

The highlight of the day was going to Suntec City. We took lot's of photos during the outing :)

@ Citylink

Zoom In!

We were discussing about wreath when we were creating our web for the project. Finally she get to see a real wreath :) 


Le Xin took a shot of Mummy!

Love this shop at Citylink!

Finally, We reached Suntec City!

We saw this huge Christmas Lollipop Drop which was magnificent! 

Le Xin munching a very yummy cheese dorayaki 

We went to the fountain of wealth at Suntec and her first reaction was Wow Mummy, I like this place, the water fountain is so nice!

Trying to touch the water on the ground...

Aiyaya fighting with an Auntie to touch the water...She can't reach it unless I carry her but she kept doing a tip-toe (I like her "never give up" attitude")

Hey Mummy I am going into the water. Obviously, the security guard stopped her :p She probably thought she could do the same thing that she did at Vivocity Sky Garden

Going round and round while watching the water goes up and down.....

Le Xin I thought you always wanted a yellow sport car? What up with this? Whahaha :) 

Posing in front of the Christmas Tree!

Le Xin @ The Polliwog!

Non stop fun with jumping!

Climbing up the steps...

Going through the tunnel...

Balancing on big rollers...

Mummy you want to join me? Le Xin inviting MummyT2X for a play!


Grabbing onto the rope....

Balancing and walking on the platforms....

Shooting balls!

Jumping on waterbed!

Sliding down a toddler slide....

Going down a spiral slide.....

Making friend with this little girl called Henna

Exchanging smiles and laughter....

Bouncing up and down....

Going down the rollers.....

Building with soft foam blocks....

I build a castle, look Mummy!

Beware of the crocodile!!!

Which way should I go?

I need to balance myself....

Time to say goodbye to The Polliwogs...

Retrieving her shoes...

All this fun @ The Polliwogs! Y
ou should come here and have some fun too with your child/children too!
I paid $25 dollars for unlimited play time 
Suntec City - Level 2

Haha can you spot my baby Le Xin?

There she is hiding behind the beautiful poinsettia....

Check out Christmas in Broadway @ Citylink

Can I bring these presents home?

One more shot!

Almost falling asleep but still smiling... 
Mummy can you carry me please, my legs are very tired now!


It's just a pleasure bringing Le Xin out, she is a great companion and I love being around with her because she is very patient and understanding. She rarely throws tantrum and even if she does it is relatively easy to coax her :) It's a lot of walking for her but she did it! So proud of her....

I particularly love our outing to The Polliwogs today! That is probably one of the best indoor playground we have visited so far, The Petite Park is cool too but I prefer The Polliwogs because it is really new and clean. The equipment are really fun to play with and pretty safe for most children I guess.

Here's are some of the videos I have taken @ The Polliwogs!.... Click them, enjoy and be convinced that this indoor playground is really a fantastic place for all children to play in!
Strongly recommend all parents to visit this place with their kids!  

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