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Monday 1 December 2014

New Learning Journey With Le Xin!

 Hi everyone, MummyT2X here what going on? I have decided to change the way I blog. I plan to share about what Le Xin and I did for the day, covering several domains of development instead of just focusing on one learning experience! ! How cool is that? I hope that's a better idea because it helps me to reflect on what we have achieved for one whole day :)

Anything highlighted in red will be our voices (as usual)

I bought an exercise book from Popular Bookstore for Le Xin to create her very own Phonic book.

Basically, she will brainstorm words that starts with a particular letter. In her first attempt, she tried to think of words that begin with "a"

Great effort!  

Numeracy - Exploring Number 1 - 10

Identification of numbers!

Number sequencing...

Counting backwards...

Arranging numbers from smallest to biggest followed by biggest to smallest...

Identification of number words....

Picking up a number word when I say the numeral...

Matching numeral to number words...

Project Work - Webbing (Brainstorming of ideas)

We discussed what we wanted to do for our project work which is our inquiry on Christmas and we created a web. I wrote the sub topics and Le Xin wrote the ideas we came up with.

To help Le Xin recall some of the stuff we  talked about, I drew some pictures beside the words and she helped out with the colouring of the pics. This is an on-going thing because at the age of 4,  I can't make her write too many words in a day (it will be too boring for her). 
I will share the web when it is done!

Project Work - Christmas Chains (Art and Craft)

After we created our web, we went on to work on our first topic - Colours for Christmas..... Le Xin said green and red while MummyT2X suggested white....

Let's get started!

Cutting of construction paper - green, red and white (refining her fine motor skills)

All done - I am amazed with Le Xin's patience. Yes! She cut these all by herself, it's a lot of work for her to do but she did it! whahaha (evil laugh)

I showed her how to use the staple for the very first time and she was so excited to try it, but it wasn't as easy as she thought :p

Putting construction paper through the ring...

Forming a circle....

Guiding Le Xin to use the staple, this time she got it, nonetheless it took her some time to figure out how to use it :)

Our Christmas Chains....nicely done--- Hooray!

Hanging the Christmas chains in our living room - Bravo!

 Physical - Playing her scooter and having some playground fun

I will do anything to exchange for this smile of hers (literally!) 

Happy Scooting!

Rocking climbing exercise at the playground....


I thought she looks quite funny in this photo haha!

Mummy I am riding my horse again....


Seriously, I have asked myself many times do I have to quit my job to do all these stuff with Le Xin? The matter of fact is  Yes I should and I want to! Most people can never fully understand or resonate with "my why" but one of the most important reason is the time that I can use to spend with Le Xin is just far too precious to me. She is growing up too fast and the time that I used to spend on my previous job had caused me to miss out a lot of fun which I could possibly have with her.
 I am sure you guys can tell by my lack of blogging for the past one year. 

Don't get me wrong, I didn't regret working for the past few months because I am grateful for that job but I just reckon the need to pursue what my heart truly desires. Yes, I do worry about finances, who doesn't? However, there are more important things in my life that I treasure. 
For now, I will just want to do what I strongly believe in and see where God takes me. I do not want to grumble all day long that "I do not have a choice" while being stuck in a job, dreaming that I could be in the playground with Le Xin instead.

Thank you Jesus and praise God for this wonderful time that I can have with my precious baby.
 I hope such happiness will last forever just like a happily ever after story in fairy tales....

Ending this post with Le Xin doing her marvelous scooting... Loving her to bits!

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