Baby Le Xin

Friday 5 April 2013

Colour Wheel

Le Xin and I have been discussing about colours for quite some time. In fact, she already knows all the colours very well by now because I have been engaging her in lots of painting activities. I personally think this is the BEST WAY to teach young children how to recognise colours. Well,  I am starting to teach her colours in Mandarin too.
To reinforce the concept that we have been discussing....I made a colour wheel  to play with her and she kinda like it. It's a simple game, you can try it too for children from 1-3 years old :)
Firstly I cut the construction paper...
Then I tried to make a wheel....I know it looks really ugly because my cutting skills is really bad and to top it off I can't paste well too aww~ But come on, give me some credit for my effort okay? haha :p
Le Xin was observing how I created the colour wheel for her....When I am done, she took the colour wheel from me and I took one cute picture of her holding the wheel :) She looks really chubby in this photo....SO CUTE!!!
We began playing "pick a stick under the blanket" game .....You can scroll down to view the video!
Choosing an ice-cream to play the colour wheel on her own....

Having fun with matching.....

 When Le Xin completed placing all her ice-cream sticks, she requested to use my HP to take a photo of it...

This was one of the photo that she took! She's really good at it yipee... :)
After playing for a while, she stopped and seemed to lose interest in it. She wanted to explore something else and I said alright let's play this another time. It is important not to force a child to continue to play a game/activity if he/she doesn't want to. If you do so, chances are.... things might backfire on you..... Well who knows.....the child might reject the idea of engaging in the game/activity in future!
I hope you like this simple idea, I will share with you some other activities I did with her which are related to colours since it is such a hot topic to explore on......but for now I shall leave you with this video of Le Xin in action......Byeee :)

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