Baby Le Xin

Monday 1 April 2013


So I finally decided to get down to teach Le Xin - Letters. I was struggling to do so because it's not an easy thing  to teach her. I find that she doesn't seem to have much interest to learn about letters but I know no matter what I still have to introduce them to her!
To kick start! I decided to teach her about Vowels.....AEIOU!

So how do I spark her interest to learn about those funny looking letter shapes apart from playing ipad games and flashcards....hmmm I know Le Xin always have a soft spot for flour like stuff so I decided to get her to......explore letters using flour!

Hooray I am going to start! Look at her cute smile :)

Let's pour some flour out a tray for her to observe!

Does this remind you of the goo activity we did the other time? Le Xin used her hands to feel the flour...

Next she used an ice-cream stick and started forming lines and strokes with it.....
I want to write letter O said Le Xin as she tried to use her ice-cream stick to form the letter ...That's her favourite letter, kind of remind her of a circle and a zero. By the way I once asked her if  O and zero are the same and she said No o is circle and zero is oval, I was totally amazed by her response!
The writing part often does not last long and soon she was lost in the world of exploration.. Sprinkling the flour all over :)
It was messy but it was all worth it because she was sooooo actively engaged in the activity! Little Hands @ Work :)
So happening, she laughed and laughed and almost couldn't stop!
 The cute thing is she was able to relate her action with "Snowing", which was pretty fascinating to me since she has never seen real snow in her life!
Then it was time to get down to some serious "work"
I wrote the  letter "a" on a piece of black paper with glue.
Le Xin used her little fingers to pick up some flour....
Next, she sprinkled the flour onto the paper...
Then it was Le Xin's turn to try, the first time she pressed to much glue on the paper and her "work" was ruined, but I did not give up and allowed her to try again and I kept reminding her not to press the glue the end she did it!
Mummy I'm making a sun said Le Xin. Before that, she created a fish!
Getting rid of the excess flour on her paper....
Let's explore without the tray....Simply enjoying her sensory play!
Nicely done!
I hung the vowels at the window as part of our home deco, cool!
This is alternative learning that one can offer to a child instead of worksheets. After this activity, Le Xin  is able to identify all the vowels! Sometimes she forgotten letter "a" but that's perfectly fine. She appears to enjoy writing on the flour too, even though her attention span was short but to me as long as she could write on the flour for a few minutes that was good enough. The exploration of the flour was provided her an opportunity to understand the properties of powery materials. It was kind of killing two birds with one stone! Okay hope you enjoy reading this post, ending this post with Le Xin big smile!
What else you can ask for when you know your child has really enjoyed the activity you had planned for her? Hooray!

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