Baby Le Xin

Saturday 30 March 2013

Let's make Easter Eggs!

Nothing could be more fun than trying to dye an egg for Easter. In fact Le Xin tried 4 eggs with different colours.
Take a look at how happy she was when she saw the eggs! 
Pouring water into a bottle...
My Little Sciencetist!
Using a straw as a dropper to drop the food colouring into the water~  I was quite amazed Le Xin was capable of doing this on her own :)
 Water become blue already Mummy said Le Xin as she was stirring...
Le Xin dropped an egg in and observed carefully!
Le Xin exploring another method of dyeing the egg! Firstly, she poured the water in using a bottle instead of a beaker....
Le Xin dropped an egg carefully into the water....
All ready to dye her second egg!
I wanted to show you guys the end products, but strangely, I couldn't find the photo of the eggs I took....We made blue, green, red and purple eggs. We mix the yellow and blue food colouring to create a green solution! It was such a fun exploration!
Do you also provide hands on learning experience for your child? Try it today because they really love them!
Ending this post with a short video of my zhu zhu na!

Hahaha can't wait to dye the next egg!

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