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Sunday 17 March 2013

Homemade Playdough!

Remember my post on the playdough set we bought? This time, we made our own playdough and we experienced more fun than ever!!! Let's check it out!

Ready to start!
Let's take a closer look at things we need!
Deliberately asking Le Xin to observe the water so that I can introduce the word "transparent".
Put a drop of yellow food colouring and observe what happen...
As she was stirring, she said Yellow!
Then this time I got Le Xin to add a little blue food colouring to it and she began stirring again...
What happen to the water? asked Mummy. Now green replied Le Xin.
Can't wait to start making the dough right?
First up, let's transfer the flour from the metal bowl to the glass bowl. There was a reason why I chose to use a glass bowl instead of a metal one. Firstly, the bowl was bigger which facilitated the kneading process. Secondly, it's transparent which allows Le Xin to have a clearer view of what were the materials that were added in even from the side, thirdly, I wanted to introduce her the importance of taking care of the bowl since it was fragile. Lastly, it's for aesthetic purposes- a big glass bowl just somewhat looks prettier whahahaha :p
Next the salt....
Pouring the vegetable oil....
Lastly adding the food colouring....
Feeling the dough......
Pushing it......
Poking it with her fingers...... (Please ignore my ugly toes whahaha :p)
Pulling the dough, she was really happy!
Before we continued to get down to "work" she had to show us her infectious smile  as always :p
Gave her some plastic animal figurines for role-playing.... This wasn't my idea, I've gotten this idea from here, my current favourite blog!
Thinking deeply about what to do!
Then I observed her placing a big elephant with a smaller elephant then she looked up and said Mummy elephant and baby elephant nice? Mummy you look!
Isn't it a beautiful thing that at aged 2.5 she is capable of thinking about motherhood?
There is something I like about playing with play dough, somehow I often feel that it's a big representation of creative play where children get to use their hands in a purposeful way. The above is a rather detailed documentation of Le Xin's learning process. I like how she was so enthusiastic to get involved in the entire process of the dough making.
 After creating a green patch of land for her "animals to live in", I noticed how she makes connections about what she knew and the coolest part is that she could also recognise most of the animals too. For those animals that she wasn't sure...for example a chimpanzee, she was also quick to find out what it was by asking Mummy what's this?  
Providing such play experience will bring so much joy to a child's life and to top it off it is also very meaningful. I guess Le Xin has taken pride in making her own dough and that's the difference from using commercial play dough. Many thanks to NTFFC for the idea :) I guess as parents we need to constantly research online to dish out some of the best ideas to carry out with our children. It doesn't matter if the ideas are not uniquely yours anymore, what matters most is your child/children are benefiting from it..... right? Do remember to give credits to whatever source you have taken the idea/info from :)
Leaving you guys with this photo that I love the most!
Love is in the air and yes Mummy could instantly feel your happiness too hahaha :)

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