Baby Le Xin

Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Egg Collage!

Le Xin did a simple egg collage for Easter! Let's check out her learning experience :)
Getting ready for the activity!
Learning to cut...
Mummy I want to tear the paper said Le Xin. As much as I would like her to practise using her training scissor, I respected her choice on which method she would like to use :)
Little fingers @ work..... Sweet!
Selecting the stripe of paper she would like to use
Applying glue....
I just love observing the different techniques she used to apply the glue....Le Xin is so cool :)
Pasting and pressing hard to secure the paper!
Ta Ta Le Xin's first Egg Collage!
 Daddy Scott often questions me Why are you always giving Le Xin options? I find it so hard to give him a reasonable answer. Seriously, I never thought I will turn out to be a mum like this! Recalling how things were when I first started out as an early childhood educator, I was actually quite a strict teacher. More often than not, I would picture myself to be a tiger mum when I have my own kids haha. I thank God for all the exposure and experiences gained over the past years which made me realised that these days, screaming, shouting, rough handling, caning and forcing children to do what we want them to do simply DO NOT WORK ANYMORE! The possible emotional harm we might cause to them is irreversible!
I have never once belittle my own daughter, words like "shut up" "don't be a kpo" "shame on you" "you will get it from me later" "you are so stupid" "you mean you don't know this" "when will you ever learn" and the infamous "if you do this I will not love you anymore" have never ever come out from my mouth :)  I truly know what kind of impact it will leave on  Le Xin so I stay soooooo far away from these words! It's a constant effort I have to make and let me tell you it's not easy... Sometimes children do drive us parents/teachers up the wall and most of us know that but what some of us do not know is that God also gave us  the best fruit of the spirit to overcome this difficulty......SELF CONTROL yeah!
I want to raise a child who knows how to respect others, and so I work hard on leading it by example... I know this is not the best answer I can give my hubby but I found a quote that best describe my feelings.
"We don't yet know, above all, what the world might be like if children were to grow up without being subjected to humiliation, if parents would respect them and take them seriously as people"
by Alice Miller
I treat Le Xin the way I hope others can treat me :) Yeah I wish more people could give me more options in my life and respected the choice I have made so I do the same with Le Xin because though little she might look she is still a person with BIG feelings. Of course I do not give in and agree with everything, the choices she made must be reasonable and safe first!
Leaving you guys with a photo of Le Xin choosing which stripes of paper to paste, I did nothing, not even passing her anything. She takes the lead most of the time when crafting but my heart actually feel so tempted to choose for her cause I am still a HUMAN okay? haha
Mummy I want  to paste this said Le Xin

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