Baby Le Xin

Saturday 2 March 2013

Let's have some fun with green beans!

No this post isn't about Le Xin and I cooking green bean soup.....We really had some "mad" fun with green beans hahaha!
But first up let's see how I set up a simple provocation for play!
I hope I manage to excite her!
Yes I did and I also added a few more materials in while she was playing....
Trying to scoop the beans into the cup. I use the ladle said Le Xin!
Using a container to pour the beans...
Le Xin tried to transferred the green beans over with a spoon :)
Then she tried to pour the green bean into a mineral bottle.... Ohh Ohh spill already said Le Xin!
Daddy Scott managed to find a small funnel and handed it over to Le Xin...
Is it easier to put the green beans in now? asked Mummy and Le Xin yes!
Le Xin continued to explore with the materials provided! Trying to find out if it was easy to scoop up the beans with a big jug or.....
 a big bottle. Of course, she couldn't but my role at that point was to facilitate with questions,  observe and scaffold her so as to help her build her own understanding through experimentation. Frankly speaking, I was quite tempted to say  "Hey Le Xin it's not possible to scoop the beans with the mineral bottle" but eventually I still held back as I know providing the opportunity for children to construct their own knowledge is a very important process of learning. We just need to observe, watch and listen sometimes....(but certainly easier said than done :p)

Ouch Mummy my leg pain exclaimed Le Xin

Some green beans have stuck onto her leg so I tried to ask her what happened to her leg to find out if she could think and come up with an answer and she replied the bean make my leg! There is something magical about the word "make", most children tend to use it frequently but wrongly and we need to guide them to rephrase but avoid correcting them by saying they are wrong!

Le Xin decided to explore the beans with her legs and....

her hands too!

Play materials which involve the sense of touch for example play dough, clay, sand, water, rice, beans or confetti seem to be a big hit among children. They are just super good materials to explore with! Le Xin particularly likes to play with water, however it's just as difficult to stop her when it comes to bean play haha. She appears to enjoy using containers to hit the bean to produce sound, pour the beans from one container to another or just simply throwing them around! This activity has helped her to refine her fine motor skills and provided her an opportunity to be exposed to another form of sensory play.

Ending my post with a happy smile of Le Xin!

Please let me play this again!!!

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