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Tuesday 2 April 2013

Water Play with Food colouring and Soap!

Okay, some of you must be thinking......not another post about food colouring.Yeah I know somehow I am just too crazily fasinated with food colouring haha but do check out these two cool learning experiences ------> this and ------> this if somehow you haven't read them.

So we had another session of water play again but I was thinking how should I make it a little different this time round for Le Xin and somehow I remember I once had waterplay with some of the N2 children at Etonhouse using food colouring and soap......yeah so I tried it with Le Xin again... This't wasn't the first time we did an experiement before here.
She was practically laughing  throughout the whole waterplay :)
Let's take a look at this fun filled learning experience!

 Spraying water into her blue tub! Eh sorry please ignore my ugly looking towel bowl :p

Testing the water temperature with her feet.....The water so cold Mummy said Le Xin.

Let's add some warm water!

Water temperature was just nice and Le Xin soaked herself in the tub! So cute :)

Le Xin was observing the colour of the water in the tub....

I asked Le Xin which food colouring she wanted to use and she said blue so in went a few drops of
blue food colouring and she observed the water turning blue.....She started shouting with excitment blue the water turn blue Mummy. I supposed it was quite a fascinating sight for her :)

I asked Le Xin what colour should we add in? and she said green, and I told her but we do not have green food colouring how about we mix some and she said yeah mix green, so I added in some yellow food colouring and she gave a big stir suddenly she observed that the water turns green and she began to place both her hands into the water to feel it.....

 Little Hands with Curious Mind!

Then I told her what we did kind of reminded me of the storybook I bought for her "Look Out Leon" by Jez Alborough......This is our favourite book and you haven't read it before, go get it, I highly recomend all parents to get this book for your child/children, it's very interesting and cute!
Next, Le Xin went on to add some soap into the water....
She gave a stir using her spade...
She used both her hands to scoop some foam and she said I can see the bubbles, and I  replied wow, there's foam on your hands and she replied Mummy see foam on my hands. How does it feel like? I asked and she replied nice! Yeah I'm sure you enjoy feeling the soft foam right? I asked and she smiled and said yes!
Next, Le Xin explored with a variety of water play tools......
Watering can and sieve....
Jug and net....
Feeling the foam with her feet...
Trying to balance herself....
I in the boat Mummy like Max - Roleplaying as Max in the story "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak...Wow she really amazed me when I heard that. This shows that she is displaying the ability to make connection and apply what she has learnt!
Yeah, probably imitating Max on this page...Bleah :p Le Xin you are just SOOOO FUNNY!
Meditating and enjoying her "spa" haha :)
Then she went for her bath and......
dried her own hair :)
Physical development emcompasses both fine and gross motor activities. I usually cover the gross motor activities when I am out with Le Xin, either in the playground, at the void deck or simply at the corridor. As for fine motor skills, we usually engage in cutting, drawing, colouring and pasting at the our Mini Atelier.
So why fine motor activities are important? They develop the small muscles of the hand, enable children to have competency to manipulate materials in their environment and ultimately to master the skills of writing when they are in Kindergarten (in our local context). 
To me, I personally find that water and sand play are two of the best ways to refine a child's fine motor skills, that's why I make it a point for Le Xin to engage in water play frequently. In Singapore, it very difficult to find a sand pit which is kind of sad, so we have to go to East Coast Park if we would like to play with sand. However, I am still sourcing ways where I can build a small sandpit for Le Xin at home, perhaps in my service yard....any suggestion anyone?
Okay, I am glad Le Xin enjoyed her waterplay session, it always very fulfiling watching her @ play....ending off this post with a cute pic of my darling girl!
Look at what my naughty Mum did to my hair! Hmph!  Hahaha!
 Just for you guys okay?  Thanks for reading my blog... Smile :)

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