Baby Le Xin

Sunday 10 November 2013

Random Photos for November!

I found some of the sweetest and the most memorable photos taken in November!

To cut things short...let your eyes do the work :) 

Le Xin eating her breakfast with her cute Halloween Hat!

She even wore hat out for her tricycle ride and look who did she ferry behind her?

Smiling sweetly for Mummy while Daddy Scott tried to show his peace sign!

I guess she was the only one feeling so happy despite waiting for the bus for a very long time at the bus stop :)

Eating yummy Indian food @ Sakunthala's @ Little India! 

What about some horse riding at the playground?

Doing her favourite dance before we open to the door to get in!

Crazily in love with the big Minion balloon we bought for her!

Getting ready to do her first stage performance for Carpe Diem's Year End Concert....

Looking cute with the cutie hairdo!

Her usual tricycle ride along our corridor....

Feeling happy while sitting in a not very glamorous pose haha! 

Hope you enjoy Le Xin's happy moment in the month of November seeya will try to blog soon!

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