Baby Le Xin

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On the Bed!

 After watching this for a zillion times, I guess Le Xin was probably having LSS (Last Song Syndrome) because she kept singing it wherever she goes!

Then I observed her doing something really cute!

Haha she was role playing with the moneky printouts and singing that song...

Check out her video!

Such cute singing isn't it?

Youtube is such a great resource to introduce rhymes and songs. Needless to say, too much of anything is definitely not good.  You just need to ensure the exposure time is not too long and one of my house rule is no watching of iPad during meal time

Le Xin enjoys watching Youtube. She learned several songs, rhymes and improve her language skills through some of the educational programs that she watched. Her favourite Youtube videos that she really likes include Maisy Mouse, Dream English, Pingu and Mother Goose Club. Sometimes the shows that she watches gave her new ideas on what to say or what to do which was evident during my interaction with her. How cool! 

Do you expose your child to Youtube videos too?  

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