Baby Le Xin

Sunday 20 January 2013

A Visit to Chinatown!

Chinatown is definitely a great place you have got to visit during the Chinese New Year. Packed with lots of CNY goodies and deco, we knew Le Xin would be delighted to "shop" there! It's also learning more about the culture of Chinese New Year like what kind of things people will usually purchase to prepare for CNY.

Wai Gong showing Le Xin the Chinese New Year Deco!

Why are pineapples up there?

How about getting one of these deco?

I like snake said Le Xin

Almost going to purchase one but Mummy stopped! There are too many soft toys at home my dear!

It's okay, Wai Gong bought something else for me.......look at what I am holding hehe :p

 Personally, I find it's difficult to explain to a toddler what Chinese New Year is all about, sometimes books do help but still the concepts are hard to get through. Certain things seem to be too abstract for Le Xin . I would still prefer providing hands on experiences for her to learn about this wonderful culture for us Chinese! We visited Chinatown a couple of times during the Chinese New Year period, frankly speaking I really do not like to squeeze through the crowd....but looking at how Le Xin seemed to be so attracted to everything she's all worth it! haha ending this post with a beautiful deco we saw!

A large and long snake.....which we were so intrigued to see as MummyT2X snap a photo of it from the car :)

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