Baby Le Xin

Saturday 5 January 2013

Preparing My Own Nestum - Cereal Drink!

Time for snack!!! After Le Xin woke up from her nap, I thought of getting her to prepare her own snack for teabreak. The menu for the day was Nestum Cereal Drink. She had fun and I'm sure she has learnt something from it :)
I am all ready!
Pouring out the content from the packet
Mummy helped to pour the hot water in while Le Xin helped out with the stirring...
Wanna take a look?
So sticky......aww~
What happen if I add some water?
Time for the raisins....
How I about I press them out?
Or use my spoon?
Alright forget it, I will just use my fingers.......
Once again, this learning experience is not just about training Le Xin to be independent by preparing her own meal. During my observation, I realised that that she was also picking up skills in observation, problem solving through trial and error and  developing a sense of satisfaction by drinking the Nestum Cereal Drink  prepared by herself and that's cool!
Best of all- It's yummy especially with the raisins~ hmmm!

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