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Sunday 27 January 2013

Simple Sorting - Girls or Boys?

Have you ever asked your son or daughter if he or she is a girl or a boy and the response was an opposite answer? Haha at least this always happen to me when I asked Le Xin that question Don't get me wrong, it's common that young children at this stage are still a little confused about their own gender and personally I think this will just be a passing phase. I  am definitely not at all concern about it but still I thought why don't I try out a simple sorting activity with Le Xin and observe her level of understanding :) Good idea isn't it?
Materials that I used to teach her....
But first up let's enjoy a mini interview I did with Le Xin :p

What can I say.....Cuteness!
Then she showed me her enthu look that could almost make me melt!
Kor Kor said Le Xin
Alright put some glue first......
Then I paste!
Know why she was staring at that little boy?
Watch this!

I like how she tried to say shhhh initially and then repeated after me by saying.... Baby don't cry
Le Xin was observing what she had done so far....
Still very confused about boys and girls even at the end of the activity......all she could say were Jie Jie and Kor Kor!
Watch this

I wanted to teach her how to differentiate but I don't think she is ready to understand might make her more confused than ever so I better learn when to stop and when to pick up and continue :p
Excited to present her work and the first person that she targetted was the crying baby of course whahahaha
Then she tried her tricks as usual...
Let's play peekaboo....
Check out my cute smile first....
My roof.....nice?
Sorting activities are very fun and meaningful for Le Xin. As she sorts, she is also showing increasing interest to notice details about things and is also thinking about how things can be the same or different. I will continue to explore more sorting activities with her. Do you know sorting activities can be included in everyday tasks which include putting toys away, puting clothes into the respective laundry bags, helping to sort washed socks and etc...Ending this post with a pic of my cutiepie once again......till the next time I blog about her again....Take Care!
I am done with playing.....poof!

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