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Sunday 20 January 2013

Caring for Rover and Silver!

 Here's my dad teaching Le Xin how to feed the doggies - Forever grateful to Dr Siew, President of SOSD! Without him, my two dogs will not be able to stay with my dad! 

I always believe that children should be taught from a young age to love animals. That's what my dad has been teaching me all along. TLC - Tender Loving Care is what animals need most, not just impulse buying and leaving the pets to care for themselves after that!
If you ever been to my place you will know that my home is a small zoo, currently housing a dog, a rabbit, 3 terrapins, 2 tanks of fishes, 1 huge tank of shrimps and 1 small tank of a pair of crayfish! Even my niece Tricia asked me that day when she visted us Ah yi, Why do you have so many pets at home?

I am thankful to Daddy Scott because he allows me to keep so many pets, the marine lives are his hobby and  for me, I can't be grateful enough to have Snow, Bambi, Torie, Tisey and our new addition Tabby as part of our lives!
Le Xin loves all the animals in our home, currently we are fostering a street dog named Snow, she is really a very sweet baby but I will blog about more her and Le Xin in another post.
This post is dedicated to two of  my very special friends in my life -> Rover and Silver!
Rover and Silver resting on their favourite pillows in my Dad's place!
I bought Rover in 2005, he was my soulmate, my greatest companion, our love for each other is so deeply rooted that even we do not see each other every other day now, nothing can stop me from loving him and him loving me too! My Tatana ---> Muackz!
 In 2010, after I got married my dad bought Silver to accompany my Rover
The love of my Dad's life!
 Everything was fine till his nasty neighbour came to complain....not too sure if you guys have read the paper but all I can say is his neighbour is really horrendous, taking about the mad man will turn me into ANGRYT2X so hmm...better not go on!
Anyway, my initial plan of getting Dr Siew to help was really because I hope that both Rover and Silver can continue to accompany my dad because he really loves them! Little did I expect that the media will pick up Dr Siew's Youtube video and things were then blown out of proportion....but after the big hooha, the good thing was that my dad could keep both of his dogs. Used to be mad at HDB but now thank you! I am grateful for your understanding :)
I cried so many nights just thinking about this silly issue seriously and I am glad it was all over!
So now what has my two dogs got to do with Le Xin?
They are first two dogs that Le Xin was exposed to since she was a baby!
Initially, each time I visited my dad, Le Xin would scream at the top of her voice, she was mad scared! Especially Rover who never fails to become extremely excited when he sees me and then evolve to barking loudly, ohh ya.....not forgetting to mention Lao Er who enjoys scratching my legs to show off her excitement!
Le Xin was petrified! whahahahah (mean Mummy who often laugh at her for being scared ^_^, just kidding I always carry her okay?)
The crucial thing was I did not give up, I am certainly not trying to influence her to like dogs the way I do but I hope she will overcome her fear for dogs.....haiz I get very sad when I touch on this topic. I am SEVERLY SCARED of cats, hahaha I never seems to overcome my fear for cats so I hope Le Xin will not turn out like mummy.
And come on dogs are man's best friends remember?
So how should I help her?
The key word is to observe. I can't emphasize enough the importance of having children to observe the things around these often form hands on experiences!
Firstly, Le Xin was involved in observing how Wai Gong bathed the two doggies...
Video - Le Xin was distracted but still she tried her best to concentrate :p
Then she went on to find out how Wai Gong cleaned his dogs' ears!
 Video - Somehow Le Xin appears to be in a little distress, not sure if it was due to the sound of the hairdryer or was it that she was unsure of what Wai Gong was doing :p
Le Xin slowly warms up and now she is not afraid of dogs anymore in fact she even attempts to hug  them and pad them at times
Remember this?
The first time I observed that she opened up to Silver! Haha a very happy Mummy indeed!
Scaffolding is just as important, Wai Gong sharing how to show love and care for dogs!
Alright, I not going to write a long reflection, yawnz~ It's 2am that I am blogging this, nonetheless I am so happy to be able to share with you guys how dogs have affect the lives of  my dad, my Le Xin and  me too! I hope you  will enjoy reading this post! Thank you Rover and Silver for all the happiness you have given to us thus far. I have seen how the both of you were so excited to see me the other day when you were in Papa's car I miss you two sooooo much!
I know perhaps it's really silly to my readers haha because dogs can't read blogs, but seriously if they could read my blog the only thing I ever want to say to them is THANK YOU!
Sharing a cute video of my dad teaching his grandchildren how to feed Silver haha!
Cliche as ever - To you it's just a dog, to him YOU ARE EVERYTHING!
If you are ready to own a dog, remember always choose the option to adopt!

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