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Saturday 11 May 2013

Forming different sounds with Glasses!

Here's a little musical experience I had with Le Xin. While Daddy Scott was dozing off, Le Xin and I explored forming sounds with glasses filled with different volume of water. Initially, I was a little scared to expose Le Xin to so many glasses and I kept reminding her to becareful. Even though a part of me knows she will be very cautious when handling something that is fragile, I am still worried. However, her confidence never fails to amaze me and once again she has proven to me  just how much I should trust and believe in her that she is capable and competent!
Back to the image of the child that I have always been emphasizing. If you believe and see your child as capable and competent person, he/she will grow up to be a confident person you want him/her to be!
So here it is....
Haha this was how she looked like before she started, she is really into making funny faces (扮鬼脸)these days and yes she remembered to put her hands behind her back when she sees something that is fragile so cute!
Counting the glasses....
Scooping the water with a small cup...
Pouring the water in....
Using two chopsticks, Le Xin started hitting the glass to explore the different sounds that could be formed!
As she moved on to the last few glasses with more water in them, she realised that the pitch of the sound changed... Mummy the sound not same said Le Xin.
Next, she went on to hit the side of the glass to find out if the glass produces a different sound.
Comparing the sound of two glasses with two different volume of water 
Mummy I want to add more water can? asked Le Xin Ohh you mean may I add more water into the glasses? Of course you may do so, just becareful with the glasses okay? replied Mummy!
Confidently, she filled up the glasses with more water......well done my friend :)
She continued to explore for a while before I told her it was time to stop and she noticed the floor was wet so she asked Mummy the floor is wet, can I clean it? and I gave a small towel to wipe the floor.
 Le Xin can really be this sweet :) I am so proud of her initiatives sometimes and yes I hope this continues so at least I have a 小帮手 for doing some of the household chores. This mummy very mean right?
Okay we have come to the end of this post. Once again, as I reflected on what we did, I reckoned that this learning experience not only helped Le Xin to differentiate different sounds, it also built her self-confidence in handling something that is fragile.. Seriously, throughout the whole process, I was quite taken aback by her ability to wait and take multiple instructions. As much as I know she was anxious to start the activity, she displayed self-control by listening attentively to me as I explanined to her what we need to do.
 I guessed she kind of know that she is dealing with glassware so she has got to listen in order not to break them. Even though Le Xin is usually not afraid of making mistake, she does become quite affected when I am upset or disappointed with her. Taken this into consideration, more often than not I will be cautious towards what I say to her, making sure that my reactions do not cause her to feel uneasy as I am worried that she might not dare to explore further or attempt to do something just because she is worry that I will be upset with her.
Honestly this activity wasn't as easy as it looks. I need to convience myself again and again that "SHE CAN DO IT" before I started. hahaha and I guess seeing is believing so let's enjoy a few short clips of her in action! Do check out how she kept inviting me to try hitting the glass like her, that's Le Xin for you.....always wanting others to participate in what she deems as FUN!  
Ohh no look how Le Xin counted the glasses towards the end.....haha you must have enjoyed your skip counting ya?

Chopsticks are lots of fun.......easy for everyone!

Hahaha let's take a look at how my darling girl moved from right to left...cuteness!

Pour pour pour.....hooray!

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