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Sunday 26 May 2013

Fostering Snow!

For 2 months, from March to May, we fostered a beautiful mongrel named Snow. She came from Tuas and was a street dog rescued by a kind lady by the name of Rina. Snow is an amazing dog who taught us much about life! We really appreciated her stay with us, it's a pity we can't foster her anymore...still we hope she can find a good fosterer/adopter soon.

Hereby sharing some of the fondest memories we had with Snow Snow!

Here's Snow when she first arrived at our place. Though she was initially very reserved and quiet, she soon opened up to and accepted Le Xin and I as her friends! Snow is also quite affectionate and protective towards me....Aww~ I really miss her :(

Le Xin with Snow Snow!

The touch of love...

Le Xin learning how to walk Snow Snow....

Mummy T2X with Snow Snow!

A patience Snow who will always waited for Le Xin to put on her shoes, get ready her baby doll before bringing Snow out for a walk!

I want to give Snow Snow treats! said Le Xin
Snow Snow, sit sit, good girl! commanded Le Xin as she dropped the treats for Snow to eat!

How about watching Snow Snow in action?

Snow is really smart, pedigree or not, she is a street dog who has completely proven to us that as long as you are willing to take the time to train her, she is willing to listen to instructions and learn! Just a short span of 2 to 3 days, she was capable of mastering several commands that I taught her.....and the coolest thing was she was also able to listen to Le Xin's command at times too haha :) She is also very faithful. In this video, you will see how she refuses to go home unless Le Xin goes into the flat first, that's Snow for you......and I guess Snow will always leave a deep impression in Le Xin's life and she is the first big dog that Le Xin has befriend so Le Xin still claims that Snow Snow is her dog and she misses her!
I have only two words for you Snow......Thank you!
After Snow has left, I saw Le Xin attaching a string to her soft toy and pulling it around the house, she even took a packet of sauce and pretended to feed it to her soft toy as a treat. I think she was reenacting the scene where she fed Snow. It was really painful to look at how she missed Snow but deep in my heart, I also know that I need to have the time and committment before I can keep a dog so I can only tell myself.....SELF-CONTROL PLEASE.....
 I decided to bring Le Xin to visit Snow at her new fosterer's place a few days later and she had a great time with Snow.
Life has a street dog is hard and it's really difficult to imagine how some dogs have such good lives while others have to suffer out there - be it rain or shine :(

Cliche as ever always choose to adopt. There are many lovely dogs in several dog shelters in Singapore such as SPCA, SOSD, VFA, all waiting to go to a good home. You can click on the advert on the right panel that says "Save Our Street Dogs", that's one of the non profit organisations who strives and works really hard to save as many street dogs as they can.... so do check out their dogs if you are keen to adopt one! Alternatively you can also check out HOPE DOG RESCUE! I always cry each time I read their blog. There are many touching stories which will convience you why you shouldn't turn to a cute puppy just because you are attracted to his/her cute looking face through a pet shop window....Remember puppies don't always remain as puppy forever.... If possible, give a poor adult dog another chance to experience what is like to be part of a family again by choosing the option to adopt. If you are thinking of purchasing any pets , always think twice.....think about the time, think about the money and think about the committment! Just like us, all animals have feelings....never buy any pets on impulse.....always always think about the consequences!
Okay before someone accuse me of being loh soh again......I just stop here....but wait Snow is still waiting for her forever home, if you are keen to adopt her please contact me.....Thank you :)

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